Report an Ethical Issue

Toll–Free Telephone Number

You may call 1-877-898-6072. A person who is not a University of Kentucky employee will answer the call. The person will explain to you how to make a report of a possible violation. You may make a report anonymously or by identifying yourself.



You may file a report of a possible violation online.


Other Methods

  • Through supervisors or the chain of command
  • Through the Office of Legal Counsel
  • Through the Community of Concern online resource and reporting system
  • Through member(s) of the Ethics Committee:

M. Sara Rosenthal
Professor and Director, Program for Bioethics
Phone: (859) 257-9474

R. Brett Short
Office of Corporate Compliance
(859) 323-8002
Fax: (859) 257-8325

Troy C. Martin
Human Resources Manager
W.T. Young Library
Phone: (859) 218-1058

Bill Thro
General Counsel
Office of General Counsel

Judy Duncan
Assistant Vice President for Research
Research Fiscal Officer

Syed Ali
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Phone: (859)539-5297



">There are issues that should NOT be reported to the Ethics/Compliance sites, but should be reported to other University officials.

  • Issues that may be a violation of a criminal law(s) (for example, theft, assault, public intoxication, etc.) should be reported to the UK Police. Emergency should be reported by calling 911. Other Police officials may be reached by calling (859) 257-1616.
  • Issues that are Human Resources matters (for example, conflicts and concerns involving employees and their coworkers, their managers, and the company) should be reported to the Office of Employee Relations at (859) 257-9555, extension 128. An email message may be sent to Employee Relations.
  • Issues and/or matters that are considered as unsafe conditions (for example, chemical leak, fire alarms or extinguishers non-functioning, etc) should be reported to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (HE&S). One may reach EH&S by calling (859) 257-3827 or emailing any EH&S staff member. After regular work hours and on the weekends, unsafe conditions should be reported at (859) 257-1616 (UK Police). For emergencies, one should always call 911.
  • Issues and/or matters that involve sexual harassment (see AR 6:1, Policy on Discrimination and Harassment) or illegal discrimination (see Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 2.0) should be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity at telephone number (859) 257-8927.
  • Issues and/or matters involving students:
    1. Student academic issues/matters should be directed to the Office of the Academic Ombuds at telephone number (859) 257-3737.
    2. Student behavior/conduct/life issues/matters should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students (see Code of Student Conduct in Student Rights and Responsibilities) at telephone number (859) 257-3754.
    3. Student-athlete issues/matters concerning SEC or NCAA rules should be addressed to the Athletics Compliance Office at telephone number (859) 257-6482 or visit the Comply Cats web site.
  • Issues concerning maintenance (for example, malfunctioning machinery, air conditioning, instruments, doors, windows, appliances, etc.) should be directed to the Physical Plant office (Lexington Campus) at 859-257-3105 or (Medical Center) at 859-323-6281. 
  • Issues involving state and federal health care laws, UK Medical Center policies or procedures or gift or other benefits offered to faculty, staff, or students in the health care areas of the University by persons or companies with which the University does business should be referred to the Corporate Compliance Office at (859) 323-6044 or fax (859) 257-8325.
  • Issues and/or matters that involve the rights and welfare of individuals participating as research subjects in studies, issues that involve research misconduct (such as plagiarism, fabrication, falsification of data), and issues involving the humane care and treatment of animals at the University of Kentucky should be reported to Dr. Helene Lake-Bullock, Research Compliance Officer, Office of Research Integrity at 859-257-9428 or 1-866-400-9428.