Welcome Home UK



I. Program Introduction


Administered through the Office of LGBTQ* Resources, a part of Institutional Diversity, the University’s Welcome Home UK Program is designed to provide currently enrolled students an option for positive, safe, and respectful housing and community support options during academic breaks when most on-campus facilities are closed. This program connects students who need a safe place to stay over Thanksgiving or winter breaks with UK employees who want to share their homes and/or holiday traditions.

The program has built-in flexibility to meet the unique needs of our diverse student body. For example, some students may only need housing for a couple days over the Thanksgiving Holiday while others may need housing for multiple weeks in December and early January. Some students may have a place to stay for the breaks but want to share in a holiday tradition or meal with someone. The flexible Welcome Home UK framework allows us to assist students in meeting each of these needs and desires.

Although each Welcome Home UK placement is unique, the first step in connecting with the program as a potential student participant or employee host is completing an electronic application that can be found at the bottom of this page. Once we receive an application, a staff member in LGBTQ* Resources will reach out with additional information regarding specific student or employee questions, requests, and needs. Limited space available. Matches will be made on a rolling basis to the best of our ability based on availability.

For more information on the Welcome Home UK Program, review the Frequently Asked Questions listed below or call LGBTQ* Resources at 859.218.4816.


II. Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        Who can participate in the Welcome Home UK program?
A:         All currently enrolled students, both those who identify as part of an LGBTQ* community and those who do not.

Q:        Who can serve as a Welcome Home UK host?
A:         All fulltime (.75 or more FTE) employees of the University may apply to be hosts.

Q:        How can I apply to participate as a student or host?
A:         To participate in the program, students and employee hosts should complete an online application. A link to this application can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Q:        How will students and hosts be matched?
A:         A standing committee of faculty and staff will pair students and hosts based on shared interests, type of stay/connection desired, and any other information shared during the application process.

Q:        Will I get a chance to meet the student I’m hosting/my host family in advance?
A:         Once you have been paired with a student/host, the Office of LGBTQ* Resources will provide you with contact information. Individual students and hosts can decide how they would like to connect in advance. We strongly encourage both parties to connect with one another and have conversations prior to the breaks.

Q:        Is it mandatory for any UK student or employee to participate in this program?
A:         No. Participation in this program is completely voluntary for all parties. UK will facilitate the vetting of host families and placement of students to ensure a positive match but cannot guarantee the results.

Q:        How can I find out more about this program?
A:         For more information on Welcome Home UK, call LGBTQ* Resources at 859.218.4816 or email Assistant Director Rayne Parker at rayne.parker@uky.edu.


III. Program Applications

UK EMPLOYEE HOSTS: If you are a fulltime UK employee who is interested in participating in the program as a host, please complete our online application, this includes former hosts and applicants.

UK STUDENT PARTICIPANTS:  If you are a currently enrolled UK student who is interested in having a host family (for lodging and/or companionship) for one or more parts of Thanksgiving or Winter Break. Application available here.