Your Impact

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Your donation is an investment in the work of UK LGBTQ* Resources to offer a safe and welcoming environment for student, faculty, staff, and alumni, and make campus and the City of Lexington one of  the most inclusive places to study, work, and live. Visit the University of Kentucky's Philanthropy site at any time to donate to the Office of LGBTQ* Resources directly. Here is how your support will be used:

Education and Research

  • Blended courses that expose students to LGBTQ* experiences and challenges in local and international contexts, providing service opportunities for students to contribute to Lexington growth. 
  • Undergraduate LGBTQ* internship opportunities that train student leaders to serve as peer advocates and educators on campus and in Lexington.  
  • Specific faculty development that increases LGBTQ* related conversations in UK classrooms. 
  • LGBTQ* Graduate and Professional Student Grants that Fuel research that will positively impact diverse LGBTQ* experiences in Kentucky Grants and Scholarships
  • LGBTQ* specific scholarships and financial assistance to students to achieve their academic goals and meet the financial demands of higher education 
  • Crisis grant program for LGBTQ* students who face immediate financial hardships because of coming out and struggle to pay for rent, utilities, and other basic services

Student Support

  • Six LGBTQ* focused student groups on campus—four undergraduates and two graduates —by providing leadership advising and financial assistance 
  • Training over 3,000 students, faculty, staff, and community members to be SafeZones, places where students know they can go for a compassionate listening ear and advice on available support resources

Health and Wellness

  • Partnering with UK HealthCare to offer Transform Health, the Commonwealth’s first comprehensive LGBTQ* focused clinic and a unique voice coaching program that provides the highest quality inclusive care to our students on campus and Kentucky citizens across the state that are not available anywhere else in Kentucky. 
  • Annual conference focused on continuing education to health care professionals and the others providing resources to parents of transgender and gender non-conforming youth in partnership with LGBTQ* community organizations and UK academic units.  
  • Building and administering a Welcome Home program that pairs students who have no place to go for the Thanksgiving and Winter Break with UK employees who open their homes and hearts.


  • Annual LGBTQ* History Month in October, Trans Week of Awareness each November, and Pride Week each April that highlight the experiences and needs of LGBTQ* Wildcats and provide spaces for students to interact with one another and create new community. 
  • Statewide conference for LGBTQ student leaders from college campuses across Kentucky and seasoned activists to build bridges and continue fostering change across the state.

Institutional Policies

  • Institution-wide preferred name and pronoun policies and an inclusive on-campus housing assignment portal that are essential for transgender and gender non-conforming students; crafting and implementing processes 
  • New UK application that is the most inclusive in the US South and a model of best practice nationally in providing students opportunities to self-identify sexual orientation and gender identity. • Preferred name policies, inclusive insurance coverage, and faculty/staff community building opportunities.