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About MarketReady Trainings

MarketReady Producer Training Program

During our trainings, we work our way through the key business functions, as we discuss the differing needs of restaurants, schools, and grocery/wholesale/retail businesses. We typically have a guest speaker panel from 11:30 to 12:30 with buyers from restaurants, schools, and/or grocery/wholesale/retail businesses. We also typically have representatives from state organizations, such as the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, present on the panel to inform farmers of helpful state resources and programs. Then we try to provide a truly local lunch, with as much local food as possible, and for the remainder of our time we will cover the rest of the key business functions. We ask for a $25 registration fee to cover lunch, refreshments, and all training materials.  Extension Agents will receive in-service credit for attending MarketReady Trainings.


Meet the Buyer Forum

MarketReady’s Meet the Buyer forum was generated to assist graduates of the MarketReady training program in finding potential buyers for their products.  The Forum was introduced in March 2014 in hopes to facilitate strong market connections between localized small scale producers and the buyers from around the area. Producers come prepared to present their products in an informal format while receiving maximum exposure to buyers in a minimal amount of time.  The forum is a great opportunity for new producers to make their final step into the market and onto the shelves of buyer as well as giving veteran producers the chance to make additional connections with other buyers. Its structured to help producers achieve inside access to buyers and the information they share about their markets.   Typically the forum will have opening remarks from Dr. Woods or a sponsoring spokesperson about how the forum works, goals of the forum, and general information about individual buyers and vendors.  Panels of buyers are assembled to conduct short factual presentations to their market and give buyers the time to ask questions about topics from legislation to personal experiences. 


MarketReady MasterCourse Webinar

Our Master Course Webinars are the newest addition to the MarketReady program.  They are

designed to give MarketReady Graduates, Extension Agents, and Service Providers an in depth look at the specific business functions discussed in the trainings with the help of industry professionals.  The webinars will be approximately an hour in length and will discuss the topics in a conversational format allowing participants to interact with the presenters. 



MarketReady Marketing Basics Training

New to the list of MarketReady Trainings is our beginners course "Marketing Basics".  This training is for beginning farmers and existing producers who are interested in learning more about the marketing principles needed for on-farm markets,  local farmers markets, community supported agriculture, agritourism and  alternative consumer markets such as restaurants, grocers, retailers, and schools. MarketReady will provide you with a professional marketing education to improve sales relationships and get you up to speed with the latest local food programs and resources. This national program, developed by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, will provide you with the tools for business success. These trainings will typically be held over a 3 day period from 9:30am to 12:30pm with each day covering a different topic. Admission will be $25 for all three sections and will cover lunch, refreshments, training materials, and resources.  

Market Basics Topics

Direct Marketing Principles: Farmers Markets 
Direct Marketing Principles: C.S.A., On-Farm Retail, and Agritourism
Bringing Local Products to Local Consumer Markets


For a link to these trainings head over to our Upcoming Events page and get registered!