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Delivery of the product to the buyers loading dock or to specified store locations is normally expected.  In the case of meats and processed products, some wholesalers and food distributors will arrange to pick-up the product in their refrigerated truck at the processing facility.  Fresh produce is normally expected to be delivered three to four times per week in order to keep supplies fresh.  Whether a restaurant is located in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, in a downtown metropolitan area, or in a small rural town, getting your product to the restaurant regularly and on time is the critical customer service for farm-to-restaurant marketing. Restaurant kitchens are busy places, and chefs depend on regular deliveries from their purveyors.  What combination of breakfast, lunch, or dinner the restaurant is serving often determines the best times for delivery. 


Best Marketing Practices

  • Understand the cost associated with time and fuel.
  • Understand the overall delivery capabilities.
  • Understand delivery timeframe.
  • Diversify delivery willingness.