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Marketing - An Ongoing Process

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You would be hard-pressed to find a chef that, all other things equal, would not prefer using local or farm-fresh products. But even chefs totally committed to sourcing food from the farm deal with the pressure of serving a clientele that may not value the food as much as the foodservice professional.  On the other hand, most of the wholesale buyers and grocers interviewed expected only modest marketing support from local farm vendors.  At minimum they asked the farm to supply information about their products, how they were produced and possibly a short description of the farm history with a picture to use for displays. 


What is our message?

If your farm KY Proud, USDA Organic, or GMO Free it is important to communicate this to customers.


Who are we selling to?

A groceries customer base will be vastly different from a restaurant and marketing materials will need to be design to suite the particular channel your product is in. 



Best Marketing Practices

  • Understand your customer base.
  • Know it's not always possible for a retailer to mention products by name.
  • Make sure informative materials are simple and clear.
  • Be aware of promotional materials
    • Kentucky Department of Agriculture
    • Grower associations (Kentucky Vegetable Growers Association, Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Kentucky Cattlemen Association, Kentucky State Horticulture Society)
  • Be willing to host buyers at the farm.
  • Get involved in community events.













University of Tennessee: Creating Signage that Sells