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Our Master Course Webinars are the newest addition to the MarketReady program.  They are designed to give MarketReady Graduates, Extension Agents, and Service Providers an in-depth look at the specific business functions discussed in the trainings with the help of industry professionals.  The webinars will be approximately an hour in length and will examine the topics in a conversational format allowing participants to interact with the presenters. Registrations for the Webinars are on our Upcoming Events page.  


The University of Tennessee, Center for Profitable Ag partnered with the University of Kentucky Center for Crop Diversification to provide some great webinars.  Click the logo to visit their YouTube page. For more information about the webinars click here or contact Megan Bruch Leffew at


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 Would you like to find out more about value-added packaging and labeling?

The MarketReady team has partnered with the University of Kentucky Food Systems Innovation Center to provide this 1-hour MasterCourse webinar on value-added packaging and labeling.  In the webinar, we unpack food safety requirements, labeling regulations, as well as the economics and marketing involved in value-added products.





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Do you want to find out more about Branding? 

We have developed a 1-hour MasterCourse webinar on Branding and Labeling with perspective from industry professional Chris Becker of Hello Field Trip.  The webinar will uncover some of the most popular and effective ways to tell a farm story and brand products accordingly.



 Hello Field Trip: Strategic Planner "I've been a runner for most of my 35-year career. In every race, I hit that proverbial wall. Extreme fatigue sets in around mile 18, and my entire body screams, “NO!” But in that moment, my focus and attitude help me pull through and I continue to run.

I’ve often hit the wall in this business. But even when energy is low, I keep running with my eye on the finish line: the satisfying feeling of winning a new account and improving a client’s business."



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Do you want to find out more about agribusiness insurance and Risk Management? 

The MarketReady Producer Training Program has developed a 1-hour master course webinar on insurance and risk management with perspectives from various local and commercial food industry professionals in addition to insurance representatives.  Participants were encouraged to interact with guest speakers via questions or experiences.


Guest speakers include.

Krey Keeney - Creation Gardens

Creation Gardens is a locally-owned foodservice distributor based in Louisville, which distributes 6500 products to over 2000 restaurants & institutions across Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, & Ohio.  Krey Keeney has served as a Purchaser for Creation Gardens for the past nine years, buying local produce when in season, and seasonal & specialty produce year-round.

CD Williams - Kentucky Insurance Group

CD is a local independent insurance agent for Kentucky Insurance Group. As an Independent Insurance Agency, they represent many national and regional insurance companies.  The history of the agency can be traced back to the late 1800’s providing services for the families and businesses in our area.  As an agent, CD focuses on Commercial Insurance for all types of businesses, including Agribusiness.

Kevin Morgan - Kentucky Farm Bureau 

With agents and offices located in all 120 counties across the Commonwealth, Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company is the largest property and casualty insurance provider domiciled in Kentucky. As a Farm Bureau member service, we are committed to serve the insurance needs of local communities, support growth and retention of membership and maintain an active presence in all Kentucky counties. Kevin currently holds the position of Commercial Lines Underwriting Manager at Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Company.  Under his direction, his staff is responsible for all activities involved in the commercial underwriting department.  He almost thirty years’ experience in the insurance industry.  


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Would you like to have your questions about food safety and quality assurance answered by industry professionals? 

MarketReady is excited to announce another MasterCourse Webinar on Quality Assurance & Food Safety.  We have developed a 1-hour master course webinar on Food Safety & Quality Assurance with perspectives from various local and regional industry professionals from within the field of food sciences.  The webinar will uncover some of the industry trends regarding food safety as well as how producers maintain quality products for purchasers.  Participants will be encouraged to interact with guest speakers via questions or experiences.  We hope that participants will be able to use this information to make practical business decisions in addition to having a better understanding of the technical support available to them.  For additional information, please contact Savannah Columbia at (859)218-4383 or


Guest Speakers Include:

Dr. Paul Vijayakumar - University of Kentucky: Assistant Professor, Department of Animal and Food Science

Paul acts as the Food Systems Innovation Center (FSIC) Process Authority, specializing in acidified and low acid thermal processing.  He also works with food processors and producers to understand aspects of Food Safety, primarily the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  He recently developed training and educational programs for FSMA and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  

Dr. Annette Wszelaki - University of Tennessee: Commercial Vegetable Extension Specialist & Associate Professor, Department of Plant Sciences

Annette is the UT Vegetable Extension Specialist and has statewide responsibilities for developing a comprehensive educational program in commercial vegetable production. The main focuses of her extension program include production and variety recommendations, diversifying production, developing alternative crops, organic and sustainable production, crop sensory and nutrition evaluations, and post-harvest handling.

Dr. Betsy Bihn - Cornell University: Senior Extension Associate, Department of Food Science

Betsy is currently the director of the Produce Safety Alliance and program coordinator for the National Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Program. The main focus of her work is to reduce microbial risks to fresh fruits and vegetables through research and extension programs developed for and in collaboration with growers, farm workers, produce industry personnel, students, teachers, and consumers. Betsy received her B.S. from Ohio State University in zoology, M.S. from the University of Florida in horticulture, and Ph.D. from Cornell University in food science.


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