Are You Market Ready?

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be market ready? Are you interested in selling to restaurants, schools, or grocery and retail stores? Maybe wholesalers and distributors? If so, you have found the right place. We created the MarketReady Training Program for people just like you!


What is MarketReady?

Many farmers are hesitant or unprepared to meet the requirements that buyers from local restaurants, schools, and grocery/wholesale/retail businesses have for their suppliers. Buyers need their suppliers to manage their own food safety, insurance, product quality, traceability risks, and much more. MarketReady addresses these issues and seeks to educate our fabulous food suppliers about how to succeed in today's markets - in order to keep farming. The training is based around best business practices identified by buyers in these markets that are actively seeking to engage local suppliers. MarketReady will help farm vendors selling dairy, fruits, vegetables, meats, value-added products, and more create a successful business strategy.


Is MarketReady for you?

Our training program is for producers and processors interested in selling to restaurants, grocers/retailers, wholesalers, and farm to school. If this sounds like something you are dipping your toes in, check out our Upcoming Events Page to view upcoming trainings or the FAQ Page for more information. 

Our Spring Program...

We just finished up our spring training session. We want to thank all of our presenters, participants, and partners for such a successful program. This year we moved to a virtual format for MarketReady, which is originally an in-person and all-day program. We are thankful to all of those who helped us pivot to a new learning platform. We are excited for future MarketReady trainings, both virtual and in-person (when the time comes). Be on the lookout for future training on our Upcoming Events Page. 

Don't forget to check out our resources!

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Our Partners


MarketReady partners with several different agencies and service providers to offer you all the highest quality information.

Upcoming Events

We have some very cool things lined up for 2021! This spring, we have three virtual core trainings, followed by five advanced topic webinars.