Quality Assurance, Temperature Control & Satisfaction Guarantee

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Quality Assurance

It was universally stated by all the buyers interviewed, that they expect the farm vendor to "stand good for the product".  What is meant by “stand good for the product” is a 100% quality assurance guarantee upon delivery? In general, quality assurance means the product meets the company specifications, complies with the appropriate USDA grading and standards, is of good quality and condition.

“Food safety is the biggest issue on the horizon for local products”.
Rob Turnier – President
Creation Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky

Temperature Control

Temperature control varies by product and customer type when selling from the farm to the restaurant. You may be able to take chives in a cooler directly from your farm to the local country club—but that method may not meet an institution’s requirements (or generally accepted food safety practices) for purchasing ground beef. Maintaining the cold chain (a temperature-controlled supply chain) is crucial to delivering a quality product that will maintain product freshness and shelf life.

Satisfaction Guarantee

In marketing directly to restaurants, you’ll be competing with wholesalers that regularly make adjustments and credits when product quality was down. Guaranteeing the satisfaction of your product is critical to developing your farm’s relationship with a chef. Wholesalers often expected the farm vendor to stand by their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of the firms maintain the right to refuse a product if it does not meet their quality standards.


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Best Marketing Practices

  • Discuss cold chain requirements with buyers
  • Educate yourself about safe food handling practices
  • Have the necessary documents for USDA and local health inspectors
  • Attend GAP/GHP Training


FSIC GAP Training Contact Information

Paul Vijayakumar - Assistant Extension Professor, Department of Animal & Food Science

Email: Paul.V@uky.edu 
Phone: (859)257-1546

Food Systems Innovation Center Contact Information

Kandice Williams - Academic Coordinator and 

Email: Kandice.Williams@uky.edu 
Phone: (859)218-4387