Cindy Harnett - UK EPSCoR/CMS

Cindy Harnett Associate Professor in the Speed School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Louisville, NSF EPSCoR researcher.

Dr. Harnett received her Ph.D. from Cornell University in Applied and Engineering Physics in 2000 on the topic of integrating nanomaterials with microfabricated structures.  She has a B.S. in physics from Harvey Mudd College, and worked at Sandia National Laboratories (California) in Microfluidics from 2001 to 2005 before starting at the University of Louisville in 2006.

The group’s previous accomplishments in AC electrokinetics are based on thin conductive coatings on three-dimensional insulating structures.  A specialty developed at the University of Louisville is strain engineering to produce bistable micromechanical structures and microelectrodes that interact with fluid flows. Applications of the group’s microfluidic systems range from differential impedance detection of suspended particles and solvents, to flow channels that pattern nanoparticles on surfaces for wavelength-selective infrared absorption.

On the EPSCoR Membranes project, Dr. Harnett’s research focuses on fluid dynamics around nanoporous conductive membranes in electric fields. These effects may be unintentional, for instance when membranes are coated with gold for biofunctionalization, or they may be optimized for voltage-driven control of flux through membranes. Her group is collaborating with other membrane faculty on fundamental and applied studies of these flows.

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 Harnett Group Equipment and Facilities

SRS 830 DSP Lock-in Amplifier

Torrey Pines Scientific Programmable Hotplate

Scilogex MX-F Solution Vortexer

Eppendorf MiniSpin Centrifuge

Hakko 936 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

Ohaus Adventurer PRO Analytical Balance