Doo Young Kim - UK EPSCoR/CMS

Doo Young KimDoo Young Kim Assistant Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry, UK Center of Membrane Sciences, UK NSF EPSCoR researcher. Dr. Kim joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky in 2011. Before joining the university, He received his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin for the single molecule spectroscopy of conjugated polymer molecules at cryogenic temperature. After that, he had two postdoctoral periods at Northwestern University and then Michigan State University. At Northwestern University, his research topic was the fabrication of nanostructured metallic or metal/insulator materials for optical biosensors. At Michigan State University, Dr. Kim learned various electrochemical techniques and applied those skills to investigate fundamental electrochemical properties of sp3-bonded (diamond-like) carbon materials for electrocatalytic applications. Since joining the University of Kentucky, his research group has been focusing on the research in the area of electrochemical energy-storage/conversion and electrochemical biosensing. He explains that his group is particularly interested in utilizing carbon-based materials combined with functional materials such as conducting polymers and metal oxides. By active collaboration with other membrane faculty associates, they are currently pushing hard on modification of membrane surface with functional graphene quantum dots for water purification and catalysis. Various physical, electrochemical, and spectroscopic characterizations are employed to understand fundamental structure-function relationship and to enhance the performance of materials. These research activities are being supported by KSEF grant, GE Appliances industry grants, and NSF EPSCoR grant.

Kim Group Equipment and Facilities

Microwave-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) reactor – carbon growth or plasma treatment

CHI electrochemical station and RRDE equipment

Thermo Furnace for thermal treatment or nitrogen-doping


Fluorescence spectrometer


Raman Microscope –
mapping capability

Hydrothermal reactor for graphene quantum dot surface functionalization



Rotary Evaporator

Oxidation Apparatus – graphene quantum dot synthesis