Guidelines for Faculty Associates

University Administrative Regulations and Governing Regulations prescribe the appointment of Faculty Associates to Interdisciplinary Research.
Benefits of Faculty Associates for Interdisciplinary Research Centers
Interdisciplinary Research Centers including the Center of Membrane Sciences, often strengthen ties to academic colleges across the University by engaging Faculty Associates in their research endeavors.  Faculty Associates bridge alliances with diverse academic units, provide access to a wealth of additional scientific expertise, and afford enhanced opportunity for interdisciplinary and innovative collaborations.  Additionally, the use of Faculty Associates can connect industrial and governmental clients and community partners to the campus, and can bridge basic/fundamental research with the University’s applied and developmental research.  Finally, the affiliation of Faculty Associates allows Centers to gain access to quality students and participate in instruction, particularly at graduate and post-graduate levels.
Benefits of Faculty Associates for the Broader University
In addition to benefiting the Center of Membrane Sciences, faculty and Departments also stand to gain from faculty associate relationships. In general terms, the use of Faculty Associates can afford academic Departments the opportunity to influence or inform the focus/direction a Center.Additionally, depending upon the specific associate relationship established, benefits to faculty and Departments may include:
  • Access to equipment, analytical and process laboratories;
  • Additional researchers to participate on thesis and dissertation advising committees;
  • Scholarship and co-op opportunities for Department students;
  • Resources and programs of Centers can be used to recruit top students;
  • Students can participate in applied/developmental research and be provided practical work experiences in the lab/field


Types of Faculty Associates 
The appointment of faculty as associates to an Interdisciplinary Research Center is not considered an appointment of academic rank, nor shall tenure be acquired solely through service in a Center (see AR II and GR VII).  Faculty Associate appointments in the Center of Membrane Sciences are typically made to regular faculty.
Role of Faculty Associates
Faculty Associates may play diverse roles with an Interdisciplinary Center.  In general terms, all Faculty Associates should be expected to:
  • Work in a collaborative manner with Center staff and Faculty Associates;
  • Share ideas, particularly those which lead to innovative, interdisciplinary scientific exploration; and
  • Offer guidance, and challenge the focus or direction of the Center.


Additionally, Faculty Associates may be asked to share in the supervision of graduate students and to work on specific research projects.  In the Center of Membrane Sciences Faculty Associates often are asked to share lab space or lab equipment.
Selection and Appointment of Faculty Associates
Upon self identification of a prospective Faculty Associate, or identification of a prospective Faculty Associate by the Center Director or extant Faculty Associates, the Center of Membrane Sciences Director will invite this individual to submit an application for Faculty Associate status.  The application should consist of (a) a cover letter outlining the applicant’s membrane-related research and stating the applicant’s willingness to collaborate with other Faculty Associates on multidisciplinary research activities; (b) a letter from the applicant’s Departmental Chairperson stating that the Chairperson agrees with the appointment of the applicant to the Center of Membrane Sciences as a Faculty Associate; and (c) a full CV.
The full application is then circulated to the Faculty Associates of the Center for comment.Assuming strong concurrence, the Center Director then submits the dossier to the applicant's Dean or Dean's representative for approval. Upon receipt of such approval, the Center Director then recommends appointment of the applicant as a Faculty Associate of the Center Membrane Sciences to the Vice President for Research.
Faculty Associates are appointed by the Vice President for Research upon recommendation of both the Director of the Center and the appropriate educational unit administrators (see AR II and GR VII).
Upon selection of a Faculty Associate, the Center Director will send a letter of invitation to the faculty member confirming appointment by the Vice President for Research.  The letter will stipulate the term of the appointment (three years) and the specific role of the Faculty Associate with the Center.
Upon completion of the term of the Faculty Associate, the Center Director will send a letter either extending an invitation to accept a continued appointment with the Center or effectively ending the associate status.