About Us


Since January of 1987, the Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center has been around to provide a space, programming, and a community for underserved populations at the University of Kentucky. From our humble beginnings in an old utility closet, to being centralized in the Gatton Student Center 


The Martin Luther King Center seeks to empower University of Kentucky students across identities to improve their college experience by promoting access to academic, civic leadership, and cultural exchange opportunities rooted in Dr. King's philosophy.

The Center also develops events which promote cultural awareness, leadership development, and foster community through collaborative efforts with student organizations, campus partners and faculty to enhance belonging and student success.

The Center works to provide a campus wide "brave space" for civic dialogue and community building. We advocate for under-served students populations to develop their cultural identity without fear of harassment and with the support of others striving to do the same.


To be the state's leading learning-laboratory on multiculturalism, social justice and pluralistic behavior.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Biography| Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ph.D,