Ambassadors for Inclusive Excellence

The University of Kentucky’s Office for Institutional Diversity and International Center’s Ambassadors for Inclusive Excellence program, is designed for students who aspire to assist the University in fulfilling its mission of creating an inclusive campus environment.
As change agents for UK, the Ambassadors for Inclusive Excellence represent students from all global and diverse identities and perspectives.  As a campus wide initiative, ambassadors will develop opportunities for students to actively engage in advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion. The program provides avenues for diverse students to facilitate discussions, provide peer training specific to inclusive excellence, and host related programming throughout our campus community.
Ambassadors for Inclusive Excellence are committed to enhancing the rich and diverse tapestry of the student experience and perspectives.

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Institutional and Student Outcomes

Institutional Outcomes:

  • Create campus-wide dialogues about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Increase students’ awareness of and respect for cultural similarities and differences
  • Create tools and strategies that foster an inclusive environment within the University community.
    • Plan, develop, and conduct diversity education-related programming.
    • Help students get involved with peer groups and identity-based student organizations,
    • Help students connect with campus resources (URMs, LGBTQ, students with disabilities, veterans, international students, religious minorities, and first-generation students, non-traditional students.)
    • Represent our campus at various events
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff will gain a greater understanding of intercultural communication and its impact on the campus community

Student Outcomes:

  • Students will learn the importance and function of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and cultural competence on a university campus.
  • Students will learn implicit/unconscious bias and prejudice reduction methods and strategies.
  • Students will be equipped to act as peer consultants/mediators in instances of bias and/or prejudice amongst students.
  • Students will gain leadership skills and experience.
  • Students will be able to educate their peers about the importance of cultural similarities and differences.


Ambassador Training

Ambassadors for Inclusive Excellence will be trained by offices on campus that play a key role in inclusive excellence.

  • Disability Resource Center
  • Veteran & Non-Traditional Student Affairs
  • First Generation Office
  • International Center
  • Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services
  • Office for LGBTQ Resources
  • Martin Luther King Center
  • Student Support services
  • Center for Graduate and Professional Initiatives
  • Bias Incident Support Services


Using this knowledge, students will further expand their learning about other campus resources that are vital to the student experience.

  • Ambassadors will learn the roles of administration, and the order of communication. 
  • Ambassadors will go through BIRT/BISS offices to understand the roles they play on campus.
  • Ambassadors will learn what it means overall to represent the university at large, dealing with PR and media personal, and learn the language of the university used by officials.
  • Ambassadors will assist in bridging the diversity gap that within Enrollment Management Visitors Center and the Office for Institutional Diversity.  
  • Ambassadors will assist in the planning and development of The DEEP Diversity Leadership Retreat 
  • Ambassadors will assist in the functioning of the Diversity Leadership Summit every fall semester
  • Ambassadors will provide Diversity Consultations to current UK students to assist with retention initiatives and assist with creating a community of belonging.


Ten Ambassadors will be selected for the 2019-2020 academic year.  A scholarship will be included upon acceptance into the program.