The MLK Professional staff believes the center, and all of the learning experiences provided through it, gives students unique opportunities to learn about themselves, create their identities, discover and cultivate their talents, and develop and practice the skills necessary to be positive and productive leaders and citizens after they graduate from the University of Kentucky.  We are a laboratory for experiential learning.  As we bring our mission to life in the years ahead, we will align the centers initiatives with four new cultural competencies that we believe are necessary for creating better leaders, better communities, and stronger programming. Through our learning laboratory, we strive to empower students too ….

1.  Develop an appreciation for inclusion through self-awareness and consciousness of social and global issues (Awareness)

  • Fostering constructive discussions regarding issues relating to differences, identity, prejudice, and bias.
  • Initiate opportunities for creative expression of diverse perspectives

2. Encourage the cultivation of civic responsibility and well-being through interpersonal interaction & communication (Attitude)

  • Through interactive activities, facilitated dialogues, service, and collaborations across the academic spectrum.
  • By nurturing the holistic development of University of Kentucky students, faculty, staff and community members

3. Extend knowledge that challenges perspectives, promotes reflection, and stimulates application of pluralistic behavior (Knowledge)



4. Prepare students to lead in a global society and inspire social change (Skill/Action)