Wellness Refreshers

The Martin Luther King Cultural Center understands that wellness is the ultimate state of wholeness that can be achieved.  Our holistic approach towards programs intend to uplift and affirm all student identities that enter the space and experience our resources.  In partnering with Well-Kentucky, it is our hope that students will engage and become refreshed while participating in our programs before entering back into the real world.  Our refresher programs, connected to the seven areas of wellness, will touch our students mind, body and soul.


Emotional Wellness is being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative. The emotional dimension is having the ability to be aware of and accept your feelings, rather than deny them, have an optimistic approach to life, and enjoy life despite its occasional disappointments and frustrations.

Financial Wellness is important for anyone to reach their goals. When your finances are in check, the rest of your life can seem manageable. On the other hand when your finances seem to be in short supply, it can make life seem overwhelming. Students all over the country are feeling more stressed due to the tighter constraints on their pocket books.  Our priority is to help students reach their financial goals. We want students to have all of the tools and information they need to make smart and successful decisions while they are in school and after they have graduated. We hope to lead students through the steps they need to take for a successful financial future.

Intellectual Wellness is finding a way to engage in creative and stimulating activities that allow you to share your gifts and expand your knowledge is essential to your overall health. Using intellectual and cultural activities in the classroom and beyond the classroom combined with the human resources and learning resources available within the university community and the larger community, a well person cherishes intellectual growth and stimulation. You will spend more time pursuing personal interests, reading books, magazines, and newspapers, while keeping abreast of current issues and ideas. As you develop your intellectual curiosity, you will actively strive to expand and challenge your mind with creative endeavors.

Occupational wellness involves finding enrichment in your life through work in which your choice of career ambitions, professional satisfaction, and personal performance are all important, exciting, and rewarding based on your skills, talent, values, and contributions. Through occupational wellness you gain purpose and happiness by successfully integrating a commitment to your occupation into a total lifestyle that is satisfying and rewarding. The development of occupational satisfaction and wellness is strongly related to the attitude and belief you have about your work.

Physical Wellness is obtained by a healthy body maintained by good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, making informed and responsible decisions about health, and seeking medical assistance when necessary. To remain well, physical wellness requires that you take steps to protect your physical health by eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of physical activity and exercise, maintaining proper weight, getting enough sleep, as well as avoiding risky sexual behavior, the misuse of drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances, and limiting exposure to environmental contaminants.

Social Wellness refers to your ability to interact with people, respect yourself and others, develop meaningful relationships and develop quality communication skills. The social dimension encourages contributing to one’s environment and community. It emphasizes the interdependence between others and nature.

You will actively seek ways to preserve the beauty and balance of nature along the pathway as you discover the power to make willful choices to enhance personal relationships, important friendships, and build a better living space and community.

Spiritual Wellness involves our personal values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. Spirituality is generally considered to be the search for meaning and purpose in human existence, causing you to strive for a state of harmony with yourself and others while working to balance inner needs with the rest of the world.

Wellness Wednesday Initiatives 

During each month we have a featured Wellness event during Wednesdays to promote holistic wellbeing for the UK community. Each of these events are centered around the 8th dimensions of wellness and are in collaboration with campus partners across the institution.


Soul Cycling with Director Jason Brooks- Every Wednesday at Noon 


January 22nd - Hip Hop Cardio with Implicit Dance Crew at 5pm in Alumni Gym



February 12- "When I Get That Feeling": Discussing Consent Culture at 1pm in the MLK Center through partnership with the Violence Intervention Prevention Center.


February 19- Know Your Health, Know Your Wealth with Wellness Ambassador James Hall at 1pm in the MLK Center.