We've Moved!

We've Moved!


We can now be found at www.uky.edu/studentservices. Come check us out!

About the Student Services Center

The Student Services Center welcomes new students and families to the University of Kentucky by providing programs that support academic success and personal growth during transition to the campus community.

Through our four pillar programs (K Week, Parent and Family Association, UK 101 & 201, and K Book) we:

  • Help foster a sense of belonging to the university community for new students and their families;
  • Create opportunities to connect students, families, faculty, and staff;
  • Inform new students and their families about university resources;
  • Introduce new students to the academic expectations of the university;
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for students.


SSC Staff

















Nancy Stephens, Associate Director

  • Parent and Family Association, K Week, K Book, Marketing and Publications

Nicki Jenkins, Senior Program Specialist

  • Parent and Family Association, Technology, and Social Media

Debbie Calvert, Administrative Services Assistant

  • Budget Liaision, Administrative Support

Jesse Farley, Senior Program Specialist

  • UK 101 & 201

Kasey Borchardt, Senior Program Specialist

  • K Week, Student Leadership, and First Year Experience