Advisory Board

The College of Nursing Advisory Board was created in 2007 and provides advice and counsel to the dean on matters for which external advice is critical.

The board meets twice each year and considers a variety of topics that may include long-range planning and philanthropic endeavors. Its members also advise on achieving the College’s goals for national and international prominence in teaching, service and research.

The board comprises alumni, friends and students who collectively represent a diverse and comprehensive expertise and will serve as an advocacy network and as ambassadors for the College of Nursing, increasing awareness of the College in Kentucky and across the nation.

The College of Nursing is grateful to the following members for their thoughtful guidance and counsel: 

Mr. Nic E. Alford
Mr. Gregory H. Au
Ms. Jennifer Bauman
Dr. Patricia A. Calico
Mrs. Vicki B. Gorman
Mrs. Linda B. Gorton
Dr. Laura Hieronymus
Mrs. Sheila E. Highgenboten
Dr. Karen S. Hill
Dr. James W. Holsinger, Jr.
Mrs. Marsha L. Hughes-Reese
Ms. Delanor A. Manson
Dr. Sheila Melander
Dr. Karen R. Robinson
Dr. Colleen H. Swartz
Dr. Diana J. Weaver
Dr. Darlene Welsh
Dr. Tracy E. Williams
Ms. K. Jane Younger