Lisa Blair PhD, RNC-NIC

Dr. Lisa Blair holds an Associate Degree in Nursing from Sinclair College, a BSN from Ohio University, and a PhD from The Ohio State University (2018). She has completed a graduate minor in Quantitative Research Methods focused on data analysis and psychometrics, a one-year postdoctoral training in data science focused on data management, harmonization, and fidelity, and two years of postdoctoral training in perinatal substance use research with Dr. Kristin Ashford. At present, she is a Postdoctoral Fellow in a training program sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse into Research on Drug Abuse Behaviors, focused on behavioral adaptations in infants exposed prenatally to tobacco and opioids, among other substances. She has been previously funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (F31, T32). Dr. Kristin Ashford remains her primary mentor, and she works closely with members of the Perinatal Research and Wellness Center toward shared center goals and the development of her own program of research focused on child cognitive and behavioral outcomes of perinatal complications including prenatal substance use exposures. Her other research interests include the use of national datasets to drive innovation in research and health care equity, particularly among rural and marginalized populations suffering from severe health disparities within the United States. 

Dr. Blair's clinical background is as a neonatal intensive care nurse specialist, working with critically ill and preterm infants in Level II-IV intensive care settings since 2007. Her clinical service work included organizational leadership in competency-based nursing education, evidence-based practice, and quality and safety. She currently serves as an instructor for Introduction to Professional Nursing Principles, a second-year course for incoming nursing students focused on ethics, evidence-based practice, and culturally appropriate practice. 

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