Susan Frazier PhD, RN, FAHA
Associate Professor

Susan Frazier earned a BSN, MS and PhD in nursing from The Ohio State University. She practiced as a certified critical care nurse (CCRN) for nearly 20 years prior to earning her graduate degrees. During this time, she was instrumental in establishing and managing the intensive care unit of a local hospital. During her doctoral education, she served as a research associate for an NINR-funded study focused on the cardiovascular responses to endotracheal suctioning and taught a graduate-level physiology course for nurse practitioner students. She earned a cognate minor in cardiopulmonary physiology. Her dissertation research was a laboratory study that focused on right ventricular responses to three modes of mechanical ventilation and four support mechanisms for spontaneous ventilation. This research was supported by a Presidential Fellowship, a Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Chapter research grant, and an AACN–Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Grant. Dr. Frazier joined the faculty at The Ohio State University College of Nursing and expanded on her dissertation research with a laboratory study of the cardiovascular consequences of pressure support ventilation, continuous positive airway pressure and the combination of these modes. This research was supported by a competitive faculty research award from the graduate school. She then performed a study of the cardiovascular responses of medical intensive care patients during weaning from mechanical ventilation, funded by NINR and AACN Agilent Technologies. She was a co-primary investigator for another NIH-funded laboratory investigation that focused on examination of the cardiovascular consequences of interventions commonly used to promote ventilator weaning (diuretic therapy, afterload reduction). Dr. Frazier joined the faculty at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2006 as an associate professor and a codirector for the RICH Heart Program. Her research program focuses on cardiopulmonary responses to critical illness, in particular with patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Dr. Frazier is published in a number of high impact, peer-reviewed journals, including the American Journal of Critical Care, Heart & Lung, Biological Research for Nursing, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, the Journal of Cardiac Failure, the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Health Psychology, and the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. She has provided podium and poster presentations at local, regional, national and international meetings to disseminate research findings. Dr. Frazier has received a number of teaching and mentorship awards, and she was the first nurse to be awarded a Mentor Recognition Award by the University of Kentucky Center for Clinical and Translational Science. She is an elected Fellow in the American Heart Association and serves as an editorial board member for the American Journal of Critical Care and the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. She is also a member of the executive editorial board for Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care. Dr. Frazier serves as the web editor for the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

Contact Information

Phone: (859) 323-5791

Fax: (859) 323-1057




PhD, The Ohio State University, 1996
MSN, The Ohio State University, 1990
BSN, The Ohio State University, 1972


Clinical: critical care nursing, mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring
Expertise: research methods, critical care nursing, bio-behavioral research, heart lung interactions
Research: psychosocial responses in critical illness, hemodynamic responses to ventilation, neurohormonal responses to ventilation, inflammation and cardiovascular function, acute heart failure in ventilated patients


Dr. Susan Frazier's CV


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