John P. Harley PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. John Harley earned a BA degree in biology and chemistry from Youngstown State University in 1964, a MA degree in parasitology and microbiology from Kent State University in 1966 and a PhD in cardiovascular physiology from Kent State University in 1969.  Dr. Harley did post-doctoral work at Baylor College of Medicine, Argonne National Lab and Vanderbilt University.

In 1972 he accepted a faculty position at Eastern Kentucky University, where he rose through the ranks to full professor. In 1990, he was named a Foundation Professor by the EKU Alumni Association and Board of Reagents. Dr. Harley is curently Professor Emeritus at Eastern Kentucky University.

In addition to his teaching at EKU, Dr. Harley is also an Assistant Professor at UKCON and is currently teaching pathophysiology courses in the graduate nursing program.

Contact Information

Phone: 859-314-4050

Email: John.Harley@eku.edu


Argonne National Laboratories, 1972
Vanderbilt University, 1971
PhD, Kent State University, 1969
MA, Kent State University, 1966
BA, Youngstown State University, 1964


parasitology (abnormal & normal host relationships, biochemistry, life cycle studies, pharmacology)


Dr. John Harley's CV