Kiyoung Lee ScD
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Kiyoung Lee received his ScD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Harvard University. He received a BS and MPH degrees from the Seoul National University, Korea and MS degree in industrial hygiene from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Before current position at Seoul National University, Dr. Lee was a faculty at University of Kentucky (College of Public Health), University of California at Davis (Medical School) and Queensland University of Technology (School of Public Health), Australia. He was awarded with the Science and Technology Agency (STA) fellowship in 1999 from Japan Science and Technology Corporation. Dr. Lee has extensive research experience in indoor air, industrial hygiene and exposure science. His initial research interest was in the development of new monitoring devices and exposure assessment. He developed a passive sampler for carbon monoxide and evaluated passive samplers for nitrogen dioxide and ozone. He also developed a sampling device to collect expired carbon monoxide for biological monitoring. He conducted various exposure assessment studies including but not limited to chronic exposure of children to ozone, exposure of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in indoor sport facilities, international exposure assessment studies, association between carbon monoxide exposure and biological markers, residential nitrous acid exposures, residential ozone decay rate, air exchange rate in automobile, development of assessment methodology of exposure-related behavior, exposures to agricultural dust and pesticides, health effects of biomass combustion in developing countries and effect of secondhand smoke on indoor air quality. Dr. Lee also has a strong interest in international health and has collaborated on secondhand smoke exposure in many countries, including China, Pakistan, Mongolia and Japan. Dr. Lee is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). He was elected for Board of Directors member of the International Society of Exposure Science in 2012. Dr. Lee is an Academy Fellow of ISIAQ. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Contact Information

Phone: (859) 323-1730

Email: Per Heather Robertson, use cleanair@snu.ac.kr for Kiyoung Lee contact email.



ScD, Harvard-Radcliffe, 1993
MS, University of Michigan, 1990
MPH, Seoul National University, 1988
BS, Seoul National University, 1986


Environmental health, industrial hygiene, air pollution, exposure science


Dr. Kiyoung Lee's CV