Adjunct Clinical Professor

Dr. Cecilia Page has transformed our nation’s health care systems through the seamless adoption of cutting edge innovations. Dr. Page has developed systemic innovations that have helped nurses embrace information technology and streamline their work. Through her collaboration with a broad spectrum of stakeholders at UK Healthcare she created an IT application that translated the work of nursing to the electronic health record. The application reduced documentation time from 30% to 17% and significantly improved satisfaction across multiple settings. The application is now being adopted by organizations nationwide and serves as a recognized model to ensure safe technology design in the clinical arena. Dr. Page’s work has opened numerous possibilities for improving health care and has significantly enhanced nursing’s visibility and influence in this non-traditional arena. By engaging with health leaders in and outside of the field of nursing Dr. Page plans to take on the national challenge of creating a sustainable and nimble infrastructure of technology systems to support the sweeping changes in the nation’s health care systems.

Contact Information

Phone: (859) 323-8534


Office: 191 LOWRY LANE


DNP, Vanderbilt University, 2013
MSN, Medical College Of Georgia, 1984
BSN, Vanderbilt University, 1979