Stephanie Steele BSN, RN

Stephanie Steele received her BS in nursing after first receiving her BA in psychology both from the University of Kentucky. She currently works as a clinical instructor in NUR 881/401. Prior to this, she worked as a staff nurse and intake coordinator for UK Healthcare, where she was responsible for direct patient care of up to 9 patients with acute psychiatric needs, conducted group and therapeutic activities, established and revised treatment plans and charged nurse duties on a rotating basis. Steele received the Clinical Nurse Excellence Award in 2007. Steele worked as a staff nurse in psychiatry at the Frankfort Medical Center from 1997-2000 where she was responsible for patient care for 10 mentally ill and CD clients and served as a member of the Policy and Procedures, Chart Review and Utilization Review committees. Until 2001, She worked as a psychiatric travel nurse for Supplemental health Care where she provided direct patient care, administered medications, assessments and conducted groups in several locations across the country. From 2001-2003, Steele worked for UK Chandler Medical Hospital as a staff nurse where she worked with five patients that required care for hearth catheters, heart and lung transplants, renal failure, CHF and CABF procedures.

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BSN, Univ Of Kentucky, 2012
ADN, Midway College, 1997


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