Homecoming 2019: Nominate College of Nursing Alumni

Posted: July 12, 2019

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Send in Your Nominations!

The UK College of Nursing Alumni Association has recognized outstanding contributions by its alumni in the nursing field since 1991. Award nominees are accepted in two categories, described below.

Please send your nominations (self-nominations gladly accepted) by mail to the Kerrie Moore, UK College of Nursing,  315 College of Nursing Bldg., Lexington, KY 40536-0232. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, August 1, 2019. The alumni awards will be presented at the College of Nursing Alumni Association annual Homecoming Brunch on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. Download the award nomination form here.

First Decade Award

For the person who holds an undergraduate or graduate degree from the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, is currently engaged in the profession of nursing and has been in practice for 10 years or less since receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degreeprior to the annual alumni meeting (normally Homecoming Weekend), and who has laid the foundation for an exemplary career in nursing.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

This annual award is presented to an individual who holds an undergraduate or graduate degree from the UK College of Nursing and who exemplifies a commitment to supporting the College, as well as an outstanding career in nursing.

Outstanding Alumni Award Past Recipients


Jessica N. Lawrence – First Decade Award
Mavis N. Schorn – Outstanding Alumnus


Whitney F. Heet – First Decade Award
Jody M. Greenlee – Outstanding Alumnus

Katie R. Busby, First Decade Award
Kimberly H. Wilder, Outstanding Alumnus

Courtney Weekley, First Decade Award
Karen M. Butler, Outstanding Alumnus

Demetrius Abshire, First Decade Award
Patricia J. Hughes, Outstanding Alumnus

Lacey Buckler, First Decade Award
Karen L. Heaton, Outstanding Alumnus

Matt Proud, First Decade Award
Sheila H. Ridner, Outstanding Alumnus

Marian Roman, Outstanding Alumnus
Laura B. Hieronymus, Outstanding Alumnus

Robyn Cheung, Outstanding Alumnus 

Ellee Humphrey, First Decade Award 
Deborah Howell, Outstanding Alumnus 

Deborah B. Reed, Research Award 
Elizabeth E. Weiner, Outstanding Alumnus 

Lorelei Fray, First Decade Award 
Melinda Blair, Education Award 
Eula Spears, Outstanding Alumnus 

Lindsay A. Bowles, First Decade Award 
Suzanne P. Reiter, Clinical Practice Award 
Karen Choate Robbins, Outstanding Alumnus

Cynthia G. Absher, First Decade Award 
Pamela Rickerson, Clinical Practice Award 
Dean Allen Gross, Outstanding Alumnus/Administration

Rebecca Jane Dentinger, First Decade Award 
Denise Danner Hundley, Clinical Practice Award 
Dr. Laura Porter Kimble, Outstanding Alumnus/Research

Ellen Maria Demos, First Decade Award 
Linda Salyer Birk, Clinical Practice Award 
Marcia K. Stanhope, Outstanding Alumnus/Education

Kimberly D. Horne, First Decade Award 
Sharon Sallee Holmes, Clinical Practice Award 
Nancy Dickenson Hazard, Outstanding Alumnus/Community & Professional Service

Mary A. Barron, First Decade Award 
Kathy Wheeler, Clinical Practice Award 
Anthony W. Burgett, Outstanding Alumnus Award 

Karen Tufts, Practice Award 
Karen Hill, Management/Administration 
Beverly Reno, Service Award 
Barbara Hulsmeyer Education Award

Susan Hunter Gannote, Outstanding Alumni Award

50th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni

While our alumni may have attended the University of Kentucky at different times, graduates share the common bond of being a UK nurse. With their UK degrees, alumni have built rewarding careers and in doing so, have helped to advance the College’s reputation across the state, region and nationally through their contributions to the profession. In 2010, during the College’s 50th anniversary, we recognized 50 of our graduates and celebrated the depth and breadth of their many accomplishments. Those honored were:

Melissa D. Avery
Lora H. Beebe
Victoria M. Bradley
Susan Brooks
Patricia A. Calico
Janet S. Carpenter
Patricia C. Clark
Marla J. DeJong
Jane Englebright
Linda B. Gorton
Sheila E. Highgenboten
Karen S. Hill
Vicki Hines-Martin
Sherry Holmes
Patricia B. Howard
Patricia K. Howard
Tonda L. Hughes
Marsha L. Hughes-Rease
Barbara R. Kitchen
Patricia A. Kurtz
Melanie Lutenbacher
Rosalie O. Mainous
Christine L. Mays
Linda L. Moneyham
Sarah D. Moore
Erla J. Mowbray
Marilyn J. Musacchio
Lynne G. Pearcey
Deborah B. Reed
Patricia A. Rice
Carol A. Riker
Karen M. Robinson
Karen R. Robinson
Deborah L. Royalty
Juliann G. Sebastian
Karen H. Sexton
Crystal Sherman
Sally G. Siebert
Kevin L. Smith
Eula J. Spears
Marcia K. Stanhope
Karen A. Stefaniak
Kathleen D. Wagner
Gail E. Wise
Gail A. Wolf
K. Jane Younger