Leigh Anne Koonmen highlighted as Jonas Scholar

Posted: March 26, 2020

Leigh Anne Koonmen, RN, BSN and UK College of Nursing PhD candidate, was recently named and highlighted as a Jonas Scholar by Jonas Philanthropies for her leadership in research on reducing type 2 diabetes. 

Her research focuses on type 2 diabetes risk reduction in first-degree family members and spouses of persons diagnosed with diabetes through lifestyle modification utilizing health coaching strategies.  She has previously conducted a qualitative study examining dyadic management of a dual low sodium and diabetic diet that focused on individuals a=with diagnosed heart failure and type 2 diabetes as well as their spouses. 

Jonas Philanthropies, who has a mission to address urgent healthcare needs through investing in the development of the nursing profession by providing funding and scholarship opportunities to nurses who are committed to advancing the profession through research and practice. Jonas Scholars are nurses who demonstrate leadership in their field and whose research or advance nursing practice can be scaled for the greatest impact by focusing on high-needs issues, such as chronic diseases, veterans healthcare, or other pressing healthcare needs.