Meet senior BSN student and ROTC cadet Maggie Nosek

Posted: October 27, 2021

Maggie Nosek, senior BSN student and U.S. Army ROTC cadet, knew she wanted to become a nurse after experiencing a collapsed lung and the subsequent partial removal of her lung prior to college.

Nosek feels at home in the University of Kentucky College of Nursing because she values the program’s holistic approach and the personalized care instructors take to ensure student success.

Nosek chairs the Undergraduate Activities and Advisory Council (UNAAC). As class officer, chair-elect and now chair, she has assisted with class officer elections, new student orientation, COVID-19 vaccination clinics, community donations, and promotion of student involvement through social media. Nosek’s most notable effort, however, has been developing a peer mentorship program that offers support to fellow nursing students.

“As a first-year nursing student, I remember how terrified I was,” she says. “I wish I had someone to easily ask questions of, get advice from, or get tips on upcoming exams. These are all reasons I wanted to start the mentorship program.”

Paula Kral, MSN, RN, CHSE, a UK College of Nursing senior lecturer and faculty advisor of UNAAC, says she believes the mentorship program will help students cope with the stress of studying, working and dealing with the pandemic.

“Surviving the College’s rigorous academic program and the demands of health care work in general can be difficult,” says Kral. “This program has the potential to provide a much-needed support system.”

Nosek was first drawn to the University of Kentucky for collegiate cheerleading. Her time as a cheerleader provided her with opportunities to connect with alumni and learn how to communicate effectively.

The University of Kentucky’s ROTC program has also helped prepare Nosek for her future. She has been featured as Cadet of the Week and attributes ROTC with teaching her mental toughness, time management, discipline and resourcefulness. She says she starts each day eager to lead and take on new challenges.

“I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other program— the College of Nursing is my family forever.”

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This story was written for and appeared in the UK College of Nursing's Fall 2021 edition of Engagement magazine.