PhD program offering new $30,000 fellowship opportunity

Posted: April 25, 2022

The University of Kentucky College of Nursing is offering a new fellowship for one exceptional Fall 2022 new admission to the College's PhD program. The fellowship will provide a yearly stipend of $30,000, plus tuition, fees and health insurance for up to three years to complete and defend the dissertation. Yearly reapplication will be necessary to renew the fellowship. The fellowship will be awarded only if exceptional applications are received. 


Applications are due May 15, 2022. 


Criteria for the first year of the award include acceptance into the PhD program, a grade point average of ≥ 3.5 or equivalent in previous coursework, full-time enrollment in the PhD program, and an essay (see essay instructions below). Preference will be given to historically marginalized and under-represented minorities as defined by the National Institutes of Health (i.e., individuals from racial and ethnic groups including Black/ African American, Hispanic/ Latino, indigenous peoples, including American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and/or other Pacific Islander; individuals with disabilities; individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds such as first-generation college students or individuals with low-income backgrounds). 

Students awarded the fellowship must maintain a GPA ≥ 3.5 and write a brief report on their progress to date to keep the fellowship in subsequent years. 

The awardee of the fellowship will be chosen by a committee consisting of the PhD Program Committee and the Assistant Dean for the PhD Program. 

Essay requirements
In two single-spaced pages or less (1-inch margins and Arial 11 font) discuss the research you would like to pursue for your dissertation, why it is significant, what gap in knowledge you are filling with this research, and what impact on public health your work will have when it is completed. Include a discussion of your long-term research goals and how they relate to your dissertation project. 

Please use these headings to guide your essay and consider them the criteria upon which your essay will be judged. 

  • Significance of your proposed study. 
  • What is known, what is unknown about the problem. 
  • Gap in knowledge you will fill with this study. 
  • Impact of your study on public health. 
  • Your long-term research and career goals.

PhD application 

PhD application information 


Please contact Dr. Debra Moser, assistant dean of the PhD program, at for any questions.