RICH Heart Group Receives Record Number of Awards from American Heart Association

Posted: November 21, 2019

The College of Nursing Research and Interventions for Cardiovascular Health (RICH) program received a record number of awards and abstract acceptances from the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov. 16-18.

In fact, of the 75 accepted abstracts for the Cardiovascular Stroke Nursing Council, 13 abstracts (17.3% of the total abstracts) were accepted and presented by the RICH Heart team.

Terry Lennie received the American Heart Association Katherine A. Lembright Award, the highest award given to a nurse at the AHA. The award recognizes outstanding scientific achievement for a program of research. He also gave a presentation entitled, “Nutrition in Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease: The Search for Evidence".

Jennifer Smith won the Martha Hill New Investigator competition with her presentation entitled, “TAS2R38 Haplotype Predicts Vegetable Consumption in Community Dwelling Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease”.

Debra Moser won the best abstract award from the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing of the AHA for her abstract entitled, “Can Adverse Social Determinants of Health be Overcome by Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Interventions Designed Specifically for Rural Socioeconomically Distressed Environments?” She also gave an invited presentation in the “Publish or Perish: Rules to Live by for Early Career Authors”, called “Revise and Resubmit”.

Jennifer Miller gave an oral presentation for her work, “Do No Harm: Defibrillator Knowledge, Gender and Device-related Concerns”.

Misook Chung presented “Effects of the Family Sodium Watchers Program on Heart Failure Patient-Family Dyads” in an invited session highlighting NIH funded work.

Katie Voigts Key did an oral presentation, “Ethnic Discrimination is Associated with Depressive Symptoms in Hispanic Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease”.

Gia Mudd-Martin gave an invited oral presentation, “Corazon de la Familia: A Family Dyad Intervention Guided by Life’s Simple 7”.

The following students and faculty gave poster presentations:

Reem Basaqr, “Cardiovascular Disease Monotony is Associated with Higher Dietary Micronutrient Deficiencies in Patients with Heart Failure”.  (Terry and Martha’s student)

Salman Alreshidi, “Family Encouragement for a Healthy Diet Predicts Diet Quality  in Hispanic Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease”. (Gia’s student)

Ife Madujibeya, “Self-reported engagement in exercise is associated with longer event-free survival in heart failure patients with poor functional capacity” (Misook’s student)

JungHee Kang, “Inflammatory Properties of Diet Mediate the Relationship between depressive symptoms and cardiovascular disease risk in men and women”. (Martha and my student”

Jessica Harman Thompson, “Avoiding the ‘D’ Words: Death and Advanced Directives in a Left Ventricular Assist Device Population”. (my former PhD student)

Martha Biddle, “Nurse-led Positive Psychology Intervention is Feasible in Patients with Heart Failure”.

Misook Chung, “Do Heart Failure Patients with Comorbid Diabetes have Better Diet Quality and Lower Sodium Consumption than those with Diabetes”.

Chin Yen Lin, “Delay in Seeking Medical Care for Worsening Heart Failure Symptoms: Predictors and Association with Cardiac Events”.

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