In the Spotlight: Brittany Fiero

Posted: September 9, 2019

Brittany Fiero is a catalyst for good. Her education and career have been devoted to helping people get to where they want to go—whether it’s building their job skills, using activities to promote their well-being, or as in her current position, recruiting nursing students to the University of Kentucky.

“I really enjoy helping people reach their goals, whether it’s a job or education,” says Fiero, who worked at a non-profit, teaching career skills, and in health care as a recreational therapist before joining the College of Nursing in June 2018.

“I get to watch [students] through every step, from teaching them about the college to seeing them graduate and hearing their success stories,” she says. “It gives me energy knowing that I am helping someone with their story.”

Fiero, who grew up in Louisville, graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in recreational therapy before pursuing a master’s in adult education at Marshall University in West Virginia. Though she has no nursing background, Fiero says the position of nurse recruiter appealed to her because of the satisfaction of connecting prospective students with the many opportunities, options and programs the College offers.

But what makes her more effective at her job than talking to prospective students, she says, is listening to them and knowing the trepidation that often accompanies making college or graduate school choices.

“There are many things to consider and being understanding is a big help,” says Fiero.

In addition to recruiting, Fiero serves on the Dean’s Diversity and Inclusivity Advisory Board, as well as oversees the scholarship program to ensure nursing students know about internal and external scholarships. She also connects with student ambassadors, faculty, advisors and nurses to continually increase her knowledge about the College.

“I can see what I am promoting, and it makes a big difference,” says Fiero. “I learn a lot from everyone. With their help and support, I’ve been able to not only do my job duties but also look for creative ways to enhance what I am doing and take it to the next level.”