Open Staff Positions

The College of Nursing is currently hiring for the following staff positions:

Communications Director

The Director of Marketing and Communications works with the dean, associate deans and others in the College of Nursing to manage and guide the overall brand strategy for internal and external communications, marketing and public relations to consistently articulate the mission of the College. This position has a primary role in creating and implementing effective communications, marketing and public relations campaigns that will enhance the image of the College as a nursing leader in the state, regionally and nationally. The position will work collaboratively with the UK Public Relations department as well as UK HealthCare to communicate consistently and develop strong working relationships with key audiences to enhance our brand image.

Continuing Education Coordinator

The College of Nursing is accredited as a provider of professional development including continuing nursing education and is committed to providing professional development for advanced practice nurses, researchers, managers and scholars. The Educational Program coordinator position is necessary for the delivery of courses provided to enhance competence in the professional practice. The Educational Program coordinator position will hold major job responsibilities for program management, web course database management, and assistance with accreditation monitoring. Program management includes executing all aspects of professional development program offerings to include event planning, maintaining all program records, financial monitoring and reporting. Serving as the main point-of-contact for our program courses, as well as on-site management of live courses, this position will manage all professional web and live courses, provide IT support and troubleshooting for clients, students and faculty.