Message from Director

Healthcare simulation is an integral component in nursing education. The Society for Simulation in Healthcare defines healthcare simulation as, "A technique that creates a situation or environment to allow persons to experience a representation of a real event for the purpose of practice, learning, evaluation, testing, or to gain understanding of systems or human actions." Healthcare simulation uses technology to create a safe environment for applying concepts learned during the didactic and clinical portion of the nursing curriculum. After the patient encounter students are guided by a facilitator in a debriefing. This is a crucial part of the simulated clinical experience because it allows the learner to reflect on the experience, learn from the experience, and be able to apply the learning to future experiences. Simulation increases knowledge, confidence, skills and outcomes, and is beneficial for helping students transition to practice.

As a provisionally accredited simulation center through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, the UK CON Clinical Simulation and Learning Center is equipped with space and technology that provides the learner an experiential opportunity to provide care to a wide variety of patients in various settings and specialties. Students are able to learn from mistakes as well as successes in an environment that is safe from both physical harm to patients and psychological harm to the student. The ability to learn from mistakes in a safe environment is crucial to providing safe, quality care as the students begin their practice as a professional or advanced practice nurse.

I invite you to request a tour of the Clinical Simulation and Learning Center to learn more about the experiential opportunities we are providing students.

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Director, Clinical Simulation and Learning Center

Jennifer Dent DNP, MSN, RN, CHSE