Computer Requirements

Before logging into Moodle, confirm that your computer hardware, software and settings are correct and compatible with Moodle requirements to take a distance learning course.

For PC computers:
Windows XP or greater

For Macintosh computers (NOT recommended):
Power PC or better

For all computers:

  • 1 G or more of RAM
  • 1 G free disk space
  • DSL or cable recommended
  • Internet access (high speed BROADBAND access is highly recommended; dial-up and satellite access are problematic)
  • Web browser (Mozilla Firefox is recommended,
  • CD drive
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Printer
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Pop-up blocker is turned off

Browser Requirements
Firefox 3 or higher is highly recommended and preferred, however, Internet Explorer 8 or higher is another alternative. Other browsers are not supported. We recommend that you keep your computer updated with the latest versions of Web browser software.

All browsers should have cookies, Java, and pop-ups enabled (i.e., do not block pop-ups).

Additional Software Recommendations
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Shockwave