Print CE Certificate

Our CE request/evaluation process is online. After attending the program, participants should:

  1. Log onto

  2. Select Evaluation and CE Request for Live Courses.
  3. Select (program name).
  4. If this is your first time visiting this site please click the “Start now by creating a user account” button on the right hand side of the page and fill in the required information.
  5. Log in using your user ID and password.
  6. Enter enrollment key (will be given on-site).
  7. Complete the evaluation and request your certificate once the evaluation is complete.
  8. Finally, please enter your comments and suggestions.

Participants must attend 75 percent or more of a conference to receive a certificate of completion.

Technical Notice: Please use a website browser such as Firefox or Chrome to print your CE Certificate (Internet Explorer has caused problems in the past). Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. If you have technical trouble or have difficulty accessing your certificate, please email