Undergraduate Nursing Activities and Advisory Council (UNAAC)

The Undergraduate Nursing Activities and Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the College’s dean and students. It provides undergraduate student input regarding College procedures, activities and evaluation. UNAAC fosters communication among administrators, faculty, staff and students and serves as a liaison with the UK Student Government Association and the College of Nursing Alumni Association. It plans and carries out student social and service activities.

UNAAC identifies and promotes resources and support systems that facilitate successful progress of undergraduates through the baccalaureate program. It reviews and makes recommendations to the College of Nursing administration regarding course and faculty evaluation procedures, proposed appointment and tenure of faculty members, national/international activities, and undergraduate student problems and concerns. UNAAC also conducts all undergraduate student class officer election processes.


  • To foster communication among administrators, faculty, staff and students through such things as student publications
  • To serve as a liaison among undergraduate students, faculty, staff and the Student Government Association (SGA).
  • To plan and implement undergraduate student activities
  • To review and make recommendations regarding:
    • Evaluation procedures for undergraduate courses and teaching
    • Proposed appointment and promotion of faculty members in accordance with University Administrative Regulations
    • Programs of the College that relate to undergraduate students, with suggestions to the College of Nursing administration for involvement in national and international programs and opportunities to meet with visitors from other cultures and backgrounds
    • Undergraduate student problems, concerns and appropriate actions
    • To identify and promote resources and support systems that will facilitate all undergraduate students' successful completion of the baccalaureate program
    • To provide opportunities for involvement in community service
    • To promote links among all College of Nursing organizations to foster better communication and cohesiveness
    • To conduct and oversee all undergraduate student class officer election processes


Membership includes five voluntary representatives from both the first‐ and second‐semester sophomore classes. Junior and senior class officers from each semester are elected in the semester preceding the year of service.

One additional representative from each of the junior and senior classes is elected in the semester preceding year of service, along with a second degree student from each class, and Med Vet student from each class.

Other representatives include an RN representative, the UKSNA president, the College of Nursing senator to SGA, the associate dean for undergraduate studies, an advisor from the teaching staff chosen by the executive committee in the fall, and the director of alumni affairs.

If you have questions, call (859) 323-8397 or email Paula Kral at prkral2@uky.edu.

Fall 2021 UNAAC Roster:

​UNAAC Officers

Maggie Nosek


December 2021


Claire-Marie Hall


May 2022


Ethan Davis


December 2022


Leah Jordan Secretary December 2022


Hanna Lurtz


May 2022


Nidhi Patel

Public Relations

December 2022



2nd Semester Seniors (December 2021) Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anthony Carney

Maggie Nosek President Marguerite.Nosek@uky.edu
Kylee Brenner Vice President Kylee.Brenner@uky.edu
Alyssa McKinney Secretary Alyssa.mckinney@uky.edu 
Mia Montalvo Treasurer Mia.montalvo@uky.edu
Allison Germain UNAAC Rep Allison.germain@uky.edu
Jessica Hunley ABSN Rep jessica.Hunley@uky.edu


1st Semester Seniors (May 2022) Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anthony Carney

Faith Wise President Faith.wise27@uky.edu 
Kendall Jones Vice President Kendall.Jones@uky.edu
Ashley DiGiulio Secretary Ashley.digiulio@uky.edu
Hannah Lurtz Treasurer hlu235@uky.edu
Gabby Arland UNAAC Rep Gar227@uky.edu
Cora Pickles ABSN Rep Cora.pickles@uky.edu
Evonne Vandenberg Second Degree Rep Evonne.vandenberg@uky.edu

2nd Semester Juniors (December 2022) Faculty Advisor: TBA

Tate Rigby President Tate.Rigby@uky.edu (Dean's Advisory Board)
Katelyn Rodriguez Vice President Katelynn.Rodriguez@uky.edu
Nidhi Patel Secretary Nidhiben.Patel8@uky.edu 
Leah Jordan Treasurer Leah.Jordan@uky.edu
Victoria Carcaise UNAAC Rep Victoria.Carcaise@uky.edu
  ABSN Rep To be elected 2021 First Block
  Med Vet Rep To be elected 2021 First Block

3rd Semester Block (December 2022) Faculty Advisor: TBA

Ethan Davis President Ethan.davis6204@uky.edu
Kylie Higgins Vice President Kylie.higgins@uky.edu (Fundraising)
Haylee Boehm Secretary Haylee.boehm@uky.edu (Fundraising)
Darcy Powers Treasurer Powers.darcy@uky.edu
Kylie Jacobs UNAAC Rep Kylie.jacobs@uky.edu

Members At Large




Claire-Marie Hall

CON Student Senator


Dr. Jacob Higgins

UKCON Alumni Liaison


Dr. Karen Butler

Acting Undergrad Assoc. Dean


Dr. Darlene Welsh

BSN Program Director


Paula Kral

Faculty Advisor


Stephanie Kehler

Faculty Advisor