Tobacco Treatment Specialist Graduate Certificate

The Tobacco Treatment Specialist Graduate Certificate provides the learner with extensive knowledge and skills needed to meet the Core Competencies for Tobacco Treatment Specialists (TTS). Knowledge and skill-based competencies cover the following domains: Tobacco use and basis for dependence; motivational counseling skills to assess, treat, and prevent relapse; cessation medication use; tailoring prevention and treatment for diverse and vulnerable populations; systems change and tobacco policy. Additionally, in a changing landscape of tobacco products, use, and cessation, learners will develop skills to critically review the literature on tobacco-related issues, such as the recent surge in youth electronic cigarette use.

The content is divided into three 3-credit hour courses:

  • Tobacco Use and Counseling (NUR 621)
  • Assessing Tobacco Use and Treatment Planning (NUR 622)
  • Tobacco Treatment Pharmacology (NUR 623).


How Can Tobacco Treatment Skills Help You?

This certificate program will prepare you to deliver evidence-based treatment and promote system change to reduce the toll of tobacco on health.

  • For healthcare practitioners, you will obtain skills and knowledge needed to promote and treat tobacco dependence.
  • For health educators and those interested in health promotion, you will be equipped to debunk myths surrounding tobacco use and gain the tools needed to provide current evidence-based information.
  • For public health professionals, you will learn evidence-based and culturally sensitive systems and policy interventions to foster healthy communities, particularly among vulnerable populations.


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