The University of Kentucky College of Nursing offers four internship opportunities for undergraduate students. They are:

  1. Health Equity Scholars Program
  2. Nursing Practice Internship
  3. Nursing Research Internship
  4. Nursing Education Internship

Internship program requirements and details:

  • Only junior or senior nursing students may enroll 
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 to apply to any internship
  • Students must commit to three semesters of participation (non-block format), enrolling in one hour per semester.
  • Students may elect to participate in only one internship
  • Students must complete an application to be accepted into an internship program. Internship programs are selective and applications will be reviewed based on three criteria:
    • (1) GPA (2) alignment of internship with student's interests and career goals (3) a student's ability to clearly articulate their rationale or interest in the program 
  • Applications are due approximately four weeks prior to course registration opening 
  • Upon acceptance, all students must register for the course that correlates with the internship program  
  • Interns who complete the required project and the three-semester requirement will be recognized at graduation