Nursing Research Interns (NUR 393)

The Nursing Research Seminar/Internship offers a student hands-on participation in an active research study at the UK College of Nursing.  With a study’s Principal Investigator as their mentor, students will begin to understand what "evidence-based" practice means. The purpose of this elective course is to provide interested students an opportunity to expand their hands-on experience in their undergraduate nursing education and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for how research impacts practice and patient outcomes.

Internship details and objectives:
The following are a sample of possible student learning outcomes that may be negotiated between the research intern and faculty mentor.

  • Complete human subject's protection training. All research interns are required to complete the online course on Protection of Human Subjects as part of the intern experience. The research faculty mentor will guide the research intern through this process. Web-based human protection training instructions can be found at:
  • Participate in and contribute to research team meetings
  • Develop a literature review appropriate to the associated topic of study
  • Assist with recruitment, screening, and tracking of participants in a study
  • Assist with data management
  • Assist in the development of a manuscript, research poster, or PowerPoint presentation
  • Develop a scholarly presentation with an abstract for submission and present at a conference


For questions about the program, contact Dr. Elizabeth Salt at