Health Equity Interns (NUR 336)

In line with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s (AACN) goals of advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity in academic nursing, this enrichment program aims to

  1. Improve the quality of education by enhancing the capacity of academic nursing to maximize learning opportunities and experiences for students and faculty, alike, which depend in significant ways on learning from individuals with diverse life experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.
  2. Address pervasive inequities in health care by ensuring the preparation of nurses and other healthcare professionals able to meet the needs of all individuals in an increasingly diverse American society.
  3. Enhance the civic readiness and engagement potential of nursing students who will be in positions of leadership in health care, as well as in society, more broadly.

Internship details and objectives:

  • Internship type: Service-Learning
  • Options for study/projects:
    • Racial and ethnic justice
    • LGBTQIA+ health
    • Other (pending approval of course faculty)
  • Typically, in-person meetings 3-4 times per block
  • Required reading assignment during summer and/or winter breaks
    • Books or articles assigned are usually about intersectionality, health topics, healthcare justice, personal stories, etc.
  • This course satisfies three credits of the curriculum cognate requirement
  • To be recognized as a Health Equity Intern at the UK College of Nursing Pinning Ceremony, students must:
    • Successfully complete three blocks of course requirements
    • Successfully complete service-learning hours
    • Successfully complete a community engagement project in their third block of the course


For questions about the program, contact Dr. Anthony Carney and/or Professor Megan Walden.