Changing Major to Pre-Nursing

For currently enrolled UK students seeking to change their major to pre-nursing, please follow the below instructions.  For incoming UK freshmen, please contact the Admissions Office for major change requests.  

GPA criteria to change into Pre-nursing major:

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative science GPA

How to Request a change to a pre-nursing major

The 'Request a major change' link is located in the student myUK GPS under 'My Program of Study' (see photo below).  Select the link, complete the form, and submit. 

Choose: Pre-Nursing (PNUI-BSN)

What happens next?

When a student submits a major/minor/certification change request, the system will send the student a confirmation email with details of their request proposal. At this same time the student’s current primary advisor will be notified of the same. The handler(s) of the college(s) whose purview the student’s request falls under will also be notified by email alerting them a new submission has come in. 

When the student’s request is approved/denied, the student is notified of the decision along with any messages the handlers have created for the student. If a new advisor is assigned for the student by the handler that advisor will also be notified indicating a new student has been assigned to them.

*Please note: Eligibility to switch into the pre-nursing major does not guarantee admission into the BSN program.

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