The Boomerang Society

What is the Boomerang Society?

An annual giving society formed to assist the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Nursing and the College’s Alumni Association in providing opportunities that may not otherwise be available.  Gifts to the Boomerang Society support scholarships, professorships, research, education programs, internships, networking opportunities and more.  Join us today to help support the next generation of exceptional nurses for the big blue nation and beyond!

Open to all alumni and friends of the College, the Boomerang Society offers two opportunities to support the next generation of nurses:  Caring4Nurses and Stakeholders.

How do I join the Boomerang Society?  

Simply by giving a gift to the College to the fund of your choice:

Scholarship Fund 
Scholarships transform the lives of promising nursing students by allowing them to invest their time and energies more fully in their course work. 

New Opportunities Fund 
Allows the Dean to support students and programs with the greatest need.  

Research Fund
Assists new researchers with funding to test theories which enable them to compete for grant funding at higher levels.  

Funding Levels:


  • $1,000 or more       - Gold Boomerangs*
  • $500 - $999            - Silver Boomerangs
  • $100 - $499            - Blue Boomerangs

Corporate Gifts of:

  • $10,000 - $24,999    - Gold Stakeholders*
  • $5,000 - $9,999        - Silver Stakeholders
  • $1,000 - $4,999        - Blue Stakeholders

*Membership at the Gold level automatically qualifies you for membership in UK’s President’s Club and counts toward UK’s Fellows Society membership. Visit for more information.


UK’s cumulative giving society begins at $25,000:

  • $5,000,000 or more                 - Commonwealth Fellows
  • $1,000,000 - $4,999,999         - Presidential Fellows
  • $500,000 - $999,999               - James K. Patterson Fellows
  • $250,000 - $499,999               - John Bowman Fellows
  • $100,000 - $249,999               - Frank G. Dickey Fellows
  • $50,000 - $99,999                   - Henry S. Barker Fellows
  • $25,000 - $49,999                   - Frank L. McVey Fellows


  • Gifts are counted during the University’s fiscal year (July 1 – June 30 annually).
  • Gifts to the College of Nursing can be combined for membership. 
  • Gifts can be renewed annually to maintain society membership. 
  • Unfulfilled pledges after any fiscal year are not eligible for society membership.
  • Cumulative gifts at the $50,000 level also qualify a company, organization or foundation for UK Fellows membership.

For more information, please contact Aimee’ Baston at:
or by phone at:  (859) 323-6635.

Lifetime members of the College of Nursing Alumni Association are recognized as founding members of the Boomerang Society and are listed below as a sign of our appreciation for their support of the College of Nursing Alumni Association.

Ms. Dorothy H. Adams
Ms. Paula S. Alexander
Mrs. Verna W. Allara
Mrs. Denise Y. Alvey
Ms. Brandy M. Andrew
Ms. Denise Ashby
Mrs. Cathy A. Asher
Mrs. Diane Ballard
Mrs. Janine M. Barnett
Mrs. Lisa S. Barton
Mrs. Anne Marie Baumgartner
Ms. Lee Andrea Beck
Dr. Lora H. Beebe
Mrs. Linda Sue Bennett
Mrs. Lois Bergmans
Dr. Linda K. Birk
Mrs. Melinda Lee Blair
Mrs. Rosemarie Blau
Mrs. Roxanne K. Bowman
Ms. Jennifer L. Bramel
Mr. Brad A. Briscoe
Mrs. Barbara A. Brock
Ms. Janet D. Brotherson
Ms. Brenda D. Brown
Ms. Valerie A. Bruce
Mrs. Catherine A. Brunker
Mrs. Ann C. Bryan
Ms. Erin Bryant
Ms. Macy Leigh Bundy
Mr. Anthony W. Burgett
Mrs. Nicole K. Buschemeyer
Dr. Patricia A. Calico
Ms. Donna G. Campbell
Ms. Terry S. Campbell
Dr. Janet S. Carpenter
Lt. Col. H. Jon Carrow III
Mrs. Annette Y. Castle
Ms. Virginia V. Castleberry
Miss Terri L. Cheak
Dr. Robyn B. Cheung
Mrs. Laura M. Clarkston
Ms. Ann S. Clinton
Dr. Janet Collins
Ms. Sharon E. Cooper
Mrs. Joyce Christie Corbin
Dr. Donna Jean Corley
Mrs. Jean Custer
Mrs. Juli F. Daniels
Mrs. Lois Ann Davis
Mrs. Ellen B. Demos
Dr. Robin E. Dennison
Mrs. Nancy Dickenson-Hazard
Ms. Margaret A. Dixon
Ms. Jenny D. Dorris
Ms. Barbara Reid Dorsey
Ms. Edna A. Dukes
Ms. Janice V. Dunavent
Mrs. Leslie W. Ebelhar 
Ms. Karen F. Elgin
Mrs. Constance Smith Enlow
Mrs. Donna Hall Ensor
Mrs. Rita K. Farrell
Dr. Hobie Etta Feagai
Mrs. Sara D. Ferguson
Mrs. Christi A. Ford
Mrs. Pamela A. Gage
Mr. John C. Gaskins
Mrs. Cyndi C. Gibson
Ms. Katy Gift
Mrs. Sandra B. Good
Mrs. Vicki L. Gorman
Mrs. Linda B. Gorton
Ms. Susan K. Greenwell
Mrs. Margaret A. Griffith
Ms. Pamela C. Hagan
Mrs. Sarah S. Haggard
Dr. Debra Sue Hall
Mr. James C. Hanks
Mrs. Sheila A. Hanks
Mrs. Rebecca A. Hatfield
Mrs. Darleen A. Herndon
Mrs. Mary C. Heslin
Mrs. Laura B. Hieronymus
Dr. Leslie J. Higgins
Mrs. Sheila E. Highgenboten
Dr. Karen S. Hill
Mr. Theodore R. Hodges
Ms. Sherry Holmes
Ms. Martha K. House
Dr. Patricia B. Howard
Dr. Patricia K. Howard
Dr. Patricia J. Hughes
Mrs. Denise D. Hundley
Dr. Lynne A. Jensen
Ms. Ashley Joiner
Mrs. Virginia L. Kahn
Dr. Barbara S. Kiernan
Mrs. Pamela Kaye King
Dr. Barbara R. Kitchen
Ms. Emily A. Koegel
Ms. Ginny L. Kolter
Mrs. Kathleen G. Kopser
Mrs. Patricia A. LaFountain
Ms. Allison K. Lane
Mrs. Deborah Larkin-Carney
Mrs. Jeanne A. Levin
Dr. Melanie Lutenbacher
Mrs. Mary Ellen Lutz
Mrs. Gayle T. Machmer
Mrs. Alalia J. Mack
Ms. Elizabeth W. Maggio
Mrs. Pamela S. Malast
Ms. Sally F. Martin
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann May
Mrs. Christine L. Mays
Mrs. Mary Jo McClure
Mrs. Patricia S. Miller
Mrs. Susan S. Minton
Mrs. Karen K. Moore
Ms. Renee Beth Morff
Alice M. Murray
Dr. Marilyn J. Musacchio 
Dr. Karen S. Newman
Ms. Mary D. Newton
Mrs. Bonnie G. Nicholson
Ms. Stephani M. Noretto
Ms. Katherine Davidson O'Dea
Mrs. Donna B. Osborne
Mr. Neil J. Patil
Mrs. Diane L. Payne
Mrs. Patricia Powers
Mrs. Melissa J. Poynter
Mrs. Pamela J. Pritchett
Ms. Joni F. Pruitt
Ms. Clarissa R. Ramsey
Dr. Deborah B. Reed
Mrs. Laura D. Riddle
Mrs. Sheila J. Ridner
Mrs. Carol A. Riker
Mrs. Laurie L. Ritz
Dr. Karen R. Robinson
Mrs. Kimberly R. Robinson
Mrs. Mary K. Robinson
Mrs. Lynn P. Roser
Mrs. Deborah L. Royalty
Ms. Heather M. Rush
Ms. Joan M. Ruttle-King
Ms. Sadie F. Sacks
Ms. Carol M. Satterly
Mrs. Barbara L. Scherrer
Dr. Mavis Naumann Schorn
Juliann G. Sebastian, Ph.D.
Ms. Laurie E. Sharpe
Dr. Gwendolyn S. Short
Ms. Sally G. Siebert
Dr. Mary Rado Simpson
Ms. Eula J. Spears
Ms. Jackie Goodwin Stahman
Dr. Marcia K. Stanhope
Dr. Karen Stefaniak
Mrs. Sheila G. Steinberg
Ms. Judy M. Stivers
Mrs. Jan Cooper Stumbo
Mrs. Tammy L. Sullivan
Ms. Vicki L. Tabor
Mrs. Karen R. Tasman
Cynthia V. Terry
Mrs. Eula D. Thomas
Mrs. Carolyn A. Trabue
Mrs. Peggy T. Tudor
Mrs. Karen K. Tufts
Ms. Rhonda C. Turner
Ms. Ann E. Underwood
Mrs. Marinetta H. Van Lahr
Ms. Alexandra Elizabeth Viertel
Mrs. Janet K. Warren
Mrs. Dixie M. Webb
Dr. Elizabeth Weiner
Mrs. Susan M. Wells
Mrs. Virginia R. Wells
Ms. Kathy J. Wheeler
Mrs. Tonya Lynn Wiegand
Mrs. Kimberly H. Wilder
Ms. Janet K. Williams
Ms. Suzanne Williams
Mrs. Julie Moser Willmering
Mrs. Anna B. Wilson
Mrs. Maggie L. Wilson
Mrs. Tara L. Woody
Ms. K. Jane Younger
Ms. Franketta R. Zalaznik