Scholarship support is vital

It has the power to transform the lives of promising nursing students by allowing them to invest their time and energies more fully in their nursing course work. It also gives them the opportunity to enhance their education by participating in activities such as research and practice internships; leadership roles with their class and nursing student organizations; mission work and study abroad.

Beginning in 2007-2008, the College admitted 160 students into the undergraduate program compared to 80 previously admitted each year. Each class has completed the enrollment expansion. These additional students continue to be highly qualified academically and bring a passion for nursing education and a desire to impact the lives of their patients they will one day serve. The College of Nursing is ambitiously striving to establish additional scholarships to provide for this larger enrollment.

You may support scholarships in the College of Nursing in two ways

Annual Scholarships
Annually funded scholarships are a critical part of our financial aid program. Donors can support deserving students with a minimum contribution of $1,000. The scholarship can be created in your name or in honor or memory of a loved one.

Endowed Scholarships
Endowed scholarships are set up through a gift of $25,000 or more and exist in perpetuity. They provide a steady stream of support through the interest generated from investment of the endowed fund.

Endowed Scholarship Levels

Scholarship Endowment

Annual Scholarship (4%)

Nursing Students Helped

















Currently 4% of the value of the endowment is taken to provide scholarships. All earnings and growth of the endowment over the 4% spending allowance are reinvested as a part of the endowment fund.

Both annual and endowed scholarship donors may determine the name of the scholarship and designate the criteria for how the scholarship is awarded (within University of Kentucky policies and regulations).

Blended Scholarships

A blended scholarship combines the best of a non-endowed and endowed scholarship. The donor establishes the scholarship as non-endowed within the College, gives an annual gift to support that scholarship ($1,000 annually or more) and then makes plans to endow the scholarship through an estate or other planned gift. This scholarship enables the donor to enjoy a relationship with the College and nursing student(s) as a scholarship donor and ensures that the scholarship continues in perpetuity through the donor’s estate/planned gift.

Funding Scholarships

Scholarships may be funded with cash, gifts of stock or other appreciated property, or through planned gifts. Additional contributions may be made to the fund at any time, thus continuing to augment financial aid for students.

Endowed Fellowships

Research breakthroughs are rarely the work of one professor doing everything independently. Rather, graduate students often make substantial contributions to professors’ research, whether performing experiments or documenting results. At the UK College of Nursing, graduate students have ample opportunity to immerse themselves deeply into their field of study, participate as part of a research team and present research at conferences.

Fellowships are often a deciding factor for nursing students in their decision to undertake the rigors of a PhD or DNP and help fund their tuition and/or research -focused activities, allowing them to play a critical role in the College’s advancement and the advancement of healthcare across the Commonwealth.

Endowed Fellowships begin at $100,000 and generate approximately $4,000 annually (under the University spending policy of 4%).

Thank you for considering a gift to support scholarships in the University of Kentucky College of Nursing!