Diversity and Inclusivity at the UK College of Nursing

The University of Kentucky College of Nursing embraces diversity and inclusion as core values that support our goal of providing an intellectually stimulating environment where a variety of ideas and perspectives work together to foster innovation.

The College's commitment to diversity is represented in many ways, and most notably through the work of the Equity, Outreach & Social Justice Council.  

Equity, Outreach & Social Justice Council

The purposes of the council are to: 

  • Provide advice and counsel to the dean on issues related to diversity and inclusivity.
  • Facilitate, promote, and maintain a culture of belonging and acceptance.
  • Serve as an advocacy network and as ambassadors for the College of Nursing.
  • Serve as visible health equity and justice advocates, allies, and resources for the College and the community.
  • Promote and engage the College's community in council activities.

Members of the council include College of Nursing faculty, staff, students, alumni and representatives from the community.  

Council members include:

Dr. Anthony Carney, faculty, Chair of the Equity, Outreach & Social Justice Council 
Dr. Jake Higgins, faculty 
Megan Walden, faculty 
Dr. Bola Adegboyega, faculty     
Dr. Jia-Rong Wu, faculty        
Dr. Ana Maria Linares, faculty                
Dr. Amanda Fallin-Bennett, faculty      
Brittany Fiero, staff
Malik Underwood, staff  
Parry Barrows, staff
Nathan Dinkens, BSN student
Tate Avera, BSN student
Joy Coles, RN
Kristy Piersawl, RN
Minji Kim, RN, alumni
Danielle Duncan, RN, alumni 
Carlos Marin (College of Medicine)
Dr. Tukea Talbert, alumni, administrator 
Dr. Abbie Latimer
Dr. Terry Lennie, faculty, ex officio             

University resources:

Bias Incident Support Services
Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives 
First Generation Student Advising 
International Center
LGBTQ Resource Center 
Martin Luther King Center
Office for Institutional Diversity 
Women's Forum 


For information about the Council or any other diversity and inclusivity issue/information related to the College of Nursing, please contact Dr. Anthony Carney at anthony.carney@uky.edu.