Areas of Research

The UK College of Nursing has several extramurally funded areas of research.

UK College of Nursing Research Groups

  • BH WELL (Behavior Health and Wellness Environments for Living and Learning) Team
    The mission of the BH WELL is to promote behavioral health and wellness among individuals facing behavioral health challenges.
  • BREATHE (Bridging Research Efforts and Advocacy Toward Health Environments) Team
    BREATHE’S mission is to promote lung health and healthy environments with at-risk populations to achieve health equity through research; community outreach and empowerment; advocacy and policy development; and access to health services.
  • CHANGE (Community Health Advocacy iNterventions Generating Equity) Team
    The CHANGE team is dedicated to the advancement of health equity among racial/ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations through the implementation of service and collaborative community-engaged research interventions and policy changes.
  • Occupational and Rural Health
    The Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program works to create a culture of health and safety in workplaces and among workers and their families. Production agriculture specifically – commonly called farming – is a cradle-to-grave industry and consistently ranks among the top four most hazardous occupations.
  • Perinatal Research and Wellness Center
    The Center for Perinatal Research and Wellness uses translational research to inform women, providers and policymakers about current perinatal issues while empowering women to optimize maternal and child health through positive behavioral change.
  • RICH (Research and Interventions for Cardiovascular Health) Heart Research Team/Program
    The RICH Heart program offers a framework for data sharing, collaboration and idea generation for dozens of faculty researchers, collaborators and students whose research interests are centered around cardiovascular and pulmonary health.
  • Rural and Underserved Health Research Center (RUHRC) 
    The Rural & Underserved Health Research Center (RUHRC) focuses on issues at the intersection of rurality and poverty.  RUHRC research focuses on subjects including but not limited to access to health care, substance use disorder and treatment, mental illness and treatment, and cancer.  RUHRC researchers are multidisciplinary, with faculty from the UK Colleges of Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Communication and Information as well as the American Board of Family Medicine.

Other areas of research include:

  • Self-management of chronic illness (especially cardiopulmonary health issues/heart failure)
  • Injury prevention
  • Prevention of preterm birth
  • Health disparities and cancer control
  • Medication adherence
  • Family caregivers
  • Promoting health of persons with persons with persistent mental illness
  • Post-discharge nausea and vomiting
  • Adolescent health care provider communication during cancer treatment
  • Reproductive health of Hispanic women
  • Faith-based approaches to improving nutrition in Eastern Kentucky