Message from Senior Associate Dean

At the UK College of Nursing, we strive to ensure our undergraduate and graduate students learn the most up-to-date evidence-based clinical knowledge that will transform health care environments, whether that be at the hospital bedside, primary care office through research, or in a professional administrative ranking.

I have seen unmatched academic promise in our students since assuming the role of senior associate dean. The College, while great in size and knowledge, is abundant in student opportunities, such as outstanding clinical practice sites, teaching and research internships, student governance and education abroad opportunities, that create smaller, more engaged communities where they can truly learn and flourish. In addition to striving to assure our students’ academic successes, we strive to promote student wellness, both physically and emotionally, and to create an open and welcoming environment that promotes diversity and equity. 

Here at the College of Nursing, our students learn from an outstanding faculty and an exceptional staff who are fully committed to the individual growth and well-being of every individual. We are home to expert nursing scholars, teachers, clinicians and researchers who have been recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for their contributions to student success, practice, health, and generation of new knowledge.

Though the curriculums are certainly rigorous, our students excel and thrive. We invite you to engage with members of the College of Nursing community to get a true sense of what you can be a part of. If you are considering applying to one of your programs, we are here to help you!

I encourage to take a few moments to look through our Academic Programs and Partnerships Annual Reports to see the many accomplishments of our faculty and students:




Senior Associate Dean and Professor
Terry Lennie, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN
(859) 323-6631