State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) Training Program

The University of Kentucky College of Nursing’s Office of Professional Development offers a premiere online training program for those who want to become State Registered Nurse Aides (SRNA) in the commonwealth of Kentucky.  

What is a nurse aide?

Nurse aides—also known as SRNAs, Certified Nurse Aides (CNA), Medicaid Nurse Aides or nursing assistants—help patients of all ages perform basic daily tasks. They work under a licensed nurse’s supervision and play a vital role on the patients' care team as they have extensive daily contact with each patient.  

Nurse aides can work in hospitals, home health, nursing homes, assisted living, correctional institutions or any other long-term care settings.  

How to become a SRNA

To become a SRNA, one must complete an accredited SRNA training program and pass the Kentucky Community and Technical College System's SRNA competency evaluation/exam.  

About UK’s SNRA training program  

The SRNA training program is designed to prepare students, ages 17 and above, to provide high quality patient/resident care under the supervision of licensed nurses. The focus of this course is communication, infection control, safety, patient/resident rights, and basic nursing skills.

Once the training program is completed, students will be eligible to take the SRNA competency evaluation/exam. Students have one year after completing training to be eligible to take the state exam. 

Quick program facts:

  • The program is 75 hours (59 hours of online theory and 16 hours of supervised in-person clinical practice)
  • Theory courses are 100 percent online
  • Clinical hours must be completed in Lexington, Ky. 
  • SRNA training is offered year-round   
  • Two course options: 
    • Two-week course – meets three times per week for two consecutive weeks in addition to independent study and clinical practice requirements 
    • Four-week course – meets one time per week for four consecutive weeks in addition to independent study and clinical practice requirements 


To register for any SRNA courses, visit Select the "Nursing Live Events" tab on the right-hand side of the site to view a full list of course options.  Also, see below for full list of course dates.

Each course page includes a registration link. To register for a course, you will need to follow the prompted instructions to first create a CE central account and then complete your registration and payment.  

Each course page also includes course costs, descriptions, requirements, a pre-course checklist, a supply list and more. 

Upcoming Course Dates 

*click on the date to go to the course information and registration page 

Two-week courses - UK and Pre-Nursing Students Oly (No State Exams)

Four-week courses 


  • Option 1: UK Students, excluding Pre-Nursing students  -  $675  
    includes course fee, book bundle and Castlebranch background check fee  
    *No SRNA State Exam
  • Option 2: Non - UK Students  -  $800
    includes course fee, book bundle, Castlebranch background check fee 
    *With SRNA State Exam
  • Option 3: UK Pre-Nursing Students  -  $620
    includes course fee and book bundle
    *No SRNA State Exam
  • Option 4: UK Students  -  $800
    includes course fee, book bundle and Castlebranch background check fee  
    *With SRNA State Exam
  • Option 5: Non-UK Students  -  $675 
    includes course fee, book bundle and Castlebranch background check fee  
    *No SRNA State Exam 

**fees are subject to change

UK College of Nursing students 

This course fulfills the SRNA/Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) clinical compliance requirement for UK College of Nursing’s pre-licensure programs.


For any SRNA program questions, please email