Going Global For Students

Global Engagement 

The Global Health Case Competition (GHCC) is an innovative student competition that rallies graduate and undergraduate students to participate on interdisciplinary teams to develop strategies that address a critical global health challenge.  These strategies are presented to a panel of judges and the top team will be awarded $1500, in addition to receiving an invitation to represent UK at Emory University's International Case Competition.

All students from any UK college are welcome. For more information, please visit the UK Global Health Case Competition website.

Information (application and deadline to register) for the 2022 Global Health Case Competition will be provided as soon as it is available.

Going Global

Education Abroad

The Office of Education Abroad offers a variety of programs for academic credit in the field of nursing. To get started with the program search process, please visit the Education Abroad Major Advising Page for Nursing, or visit the Education Abroad Resource Center in 315 Bradley Hall.

Brief summaries of featured Education Abroad programs for nursing students are listed below:

Shoulder to Shoulder Global

Ecuador: Four times/year; however, you need to take a Spring embedded course so all students have to apply soon: Application Deadline for the first round is November 1!! (Most nursing students are selected in the first round). This is the experience that is more focused on health care delivery, with oversight from UK faculty, health professionals and interprofessional teams of students from all of the healthcare colleges. We partner with a full-time/year-round primary care clinic in Santo Domingo, Ecuador to supplement care in a low-resource community. Each experience is about 10 days; students from all four trips take the same 2-hour course. You can either count this toward a cognate in nursing or toward clinical hours in NUR 345/Population Health nursing. we prefer junior and senior-level nursing students but if not enough of them apply, we'd love to have sophomores as well. The 2023 dates are: March 11-19 (UK spring break); May 12-21; June 9-18; August 4-13.

Please reach out to Dr. Hartley Feld if you have any questions!

Hawaii: The Spirit of Aloha

Health in Hawaii is perceived as representing an entire lifestyle. This experience offers a view of Hawaiian culture and lifestyle through its foodways, environments and varied geographies. Time will be spent learning about the connection between food, mindfulness, and wellness, emphasizing foods of the Hawaiian Islands.

International "Blue Zones:" Greece* and Costa Rica

Students will learn how health, well-being and longevity arise from cultural traditions on the remote island of Ikaria, Greece, and on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. These locations were selected because they are two of five areas designated as international "Blue Zones," which is a place where people are more likely to reach a healthy age of 90+. The longevity of Ikarians and Ticos is due to life purpose, family interaction, meaningful social connections, healthy diets, outdoor physical activity and spirituality. Using these lifestyle dimensions as a guide, students will experience the balanced and integrated ways of life on Ikaria and Costa RIca.

Costa Rica over Winter Break!

This is the course where we learn about Blue Zones - which are communities with a long life expectancy, where we study what promotes wellness, longevity and health. We will start the online portion of the course December 19-23 and the in-country portion of the course on December 27 - January 4. This 3-credit hour course has been approved to count as a cognate for the nursing degree. Application Deadline: October 19th!! 


Sweden is home to some of the healthiest and happiest people in th world. Students will learn how Swedish well-being across the lifespan is shaped by work-life balance, sense of community, diet and exercise, nature, respect for self and others, green living, and amazing healthcare. Beyond core coursework, students will enhance their multicultural competency in Stockholm through site visits of historical, cultural and contemporary significance.

Other Education Abroad programs 

(not associated with nursing clinical credit but may offer a pre-requisite or global dynamic core requirement)

The programs listed below are usually of interest to our pre-nursing students.


If you have questions or concerns regarding a specific program, please contact Jillian Madden (jillian.madden@uky.edu), the College of Nursing Education Abroad advisor, at (859) 257-4067, or schedule an appointment with her.