Going Global For Students

Last spring, a group of UK CON nursing students and faculty participated in an Education Abroad program in Costa Rica where they studied the Blue Zone in the Nicoya Peninsula as part of their clinical time for Community and Public Health Nursing (NUR 403). Blue zones are areas in the world where there are high numbers of centenarians, people who live to age 100 and beyond. During this experience, students visited nine centenarians and had the opportunity to talk with them about their lifestyles, environmental and community factors that promote longevity.

The experience was lead by Professor Lois Davis and Dr. Amy Kostelic from the UK College of Agriculture; School of Human and Environmental Sciences; Department of Family Sciences. Students then locally applied what they learned about health and longevity, first by assessing data and structures that support health in the Lexington community. Next, they shared their experiences and promoted health and longevity with a Silver Sneakers group at the Beaumont YMCA and the Lexington Senior Citizens' Center.

The CON has on on-going relationship with the Department of Family Studies and has created an annual Education Abroad experience examining healthy communities around the globe. This spring several CON students are taking a course that culminates with an experience in Sweden. If you are interested in 2020 opportunities please contact Hartley Feld for more information (hartley.feld@uky.edu).  

We currently have two featured programs where students can get credit (undergraduate and graduate):

Shoulder to Shoulder Global

Shoulder to Shoulder Global (STSG) is an organization created within the University of Kentucky that incorporates academic and community partners and seeks to improve the health and well-being of low-resource communities globally. Students travel to Ecuador with an interprofessional team 4 times per year, where STSG has a year-round health clinic. While providing primary care for this community, STSG also works with the community to improve education, public health, access to safe water, and to improve economic opportunities. Visit the Health Brigade site for more information.

Health and Wellness Around the World

Nursing partners with Family Science students and faculty to study healthy populations. Every year this experience is offered in a different country. In 2018 we went to Costa Rica to study Blue Zones, currently we are featuring Sweden May. Proposed 2020 site is Greece.

Education Abroad

The Office of Education Abroad offers a variety of programs for academic credit in the field of nursing. To get started with the program search process, please visit the Education Abroad Major Advising Page for Nursing, or visit the Education Abroad Resource Center in 315 Bradley Hall.

Visit this website for a summary of Education Abroad experiences over the last five years.

The programs listed below are usually of interest to our pre-nursing students.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a specific program, please contact Olivia Ellis (olivia.ellis@uky.edu), the College of Nursing Education Abroad advisor, at (859) 257-4067, or schedule an appointment with her.