The University of Kentucky College of Nursing's global programming and initiatives are guided by the Global Affairs Council.  

Global Affairs Council members

Dr. Terry Lennie, Senior Associate Dean and Marion E. McKenna Professor in Nursing Leadership   

Dr. Hartley Feld, Assistant Professor

Dr. Misook Chung, Professor      

Dr. Ana Maria Linares, Associate Professor           

Dr. Zim Okoli, Associate Professor            


The purposes of the Global Affairs Council are to assess the status of global affairs, address issues and develop strategic initiatives that promote the global activities of the College, and assure College processes are consistent with Administrative and other University Regulations.

Functions of the Council include:

  • Provide advice and counsel to the Dean on issues related to global affairs, including student study abroad opportunities, memorandums of understanding with foreign universities for faculty and student exchange, and learning opportunities; visiting scholars; faculty and student international research collaboration; and student international enrichment opportunities.
  • Develop and oversee initiatives to achieve college strategic goals related to global affairs; assess metrics to determine effectiveness of initiatives; and make recommendations for changes as needed.
  • Promote globalization of the curriculum and ensure student support for global opportunities.
  • Identify system barriers to and develop strategies for enhancing faculty and student participation in global activities.
  • Oversee memorandums of understanding, student and faculty exchange, visiting scholars, research collaboration, and other global activities; assure processes are consistent with Administrative and other University regulations; and develop new processes when needed.
  • Oversee procedures for collecting and managing data related to global affairs activities and outcomes for University-wide and College assessment of strategic goals and reports for state and national regulatory bodies.
  • Assess and recommend resources to support the global affairs missions of the College.
  • Liaise with UNAAC, GNAAC and other University departments, programs and institutes to promote joint global activities.

Council Goals for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • Finalize virtual/distance visiting scholar program
  • Further develop global affairs website
  • Look for additional education abroad opportunities/identify additional resources for expansion of global initiatives