Research and Interventions for Cardiovascular Health (RICH) Heart Program

RICH Writing Institute

Every year, the RICH Heart teams holds a week-long “working” institute called the RICH Writing Institute (RWI). As a participant in the institute, you will receive personal writing and statistical assistance from an exclusive group of internationally renowned faculty. The team will teach you approaches to prolific writing and turning your ideas and your data into a publishable paper.  They will coach you every step of the way to getting your paper done and “out the door”.  The goal of the Institute is to assist attendees to prepare a manuscript that is ready to submit to a peer-reviewed journal for review. The week will include plenty of writing time, in-depth consultation on your writing, and presentations on manuscript development.

The institute is held annually each summer, with registration beginning in January. 

2023 RICH Writing Institute

Registration is now open for the 2023 RICH Writing Institute. 

Dates: July 13 - 14, 2023 & July 17 - 19, 2023

Register Here for the two options: 

  • Option 1 - Online Synchronous 2023 RICH Writing Institute With Consultation
  • Option 2 - 2023 RICH Writing Institute: Attend Lectures In-Person OR Live on Zoom OR Access to Recordings (No consultation)


The 2023 RWI is a week-long working institute offered in a synchronous online format, where participants will receive personal writing and statistical assistance from an exclusive group of internationally renowned faculty. The goal of  the RICH Writing Institute is to assist virtual attendees to prepare a  manuscript that is ready to submit to a peer-reviewed journal. Faculty experts will coach participants in every step of the way to achieve this goal. The week will include writing time, in-depth consultation, and presentations by RICH faculty on manuscript development.

Presentations and content are in English, however, members of the faculty speak South Korean, Chinese, and Spanish fluently and can assist with interpretation.

View detailed faculty bios and a complete 2023 RWI program brochure.  


For questions, please contact Dr. Misook Chung,  Director of the RICH Writing Institute at


About the RICH Heart Program

The Research and Interventions for Cardiovascular Health (RICH) Heart Program was founded in 2004 when the University of Kentucky College of Nursing's Dr. Debra Moser and Dr. Terry Lennie envisioned a cardiovascular-focused program designed to improve the health of people with cardiovascular disease. Their goal was to provide a virtual and physical space where junior scientists could be mentored to become the next great generation of researchers taking on the problem of cardiovascular disease from a bio-behavioral perspective.

The RICH Heart team studies problems like poor self-care of heart failure or high cardiovascular disease risk from the perspective that these problems arise from social, psychological, environmental behavioral and physical sources. The team performs clinical research with people in the community, in clinics, and in hospitals to determine ways to improve self-care, health, quality of life and survival. They have been active in outreach efforts to the broad community with their research findings so that as many people benefit from the research as possible.  The team consists of more than 30 research staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty from the UK College of Nursing, across the University, the nation and the world.

The team of internationally recognized researchers is led by Dr. Debra Moser, professor and Linda C. Gill Chair of Cardiovascular Nursing. Her research has focused on improving outcomes in heart failure patients, those individuals at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and those with marked cardiovascular disease disparities. Dr. Moser uses bio-behavioral interventions in her research, interventions that include attention to problems like depression, lack of social support and difficulty with self-care, and she focuses on the socio-environmental factors (social determinants of health) that produce them.

The team's motto is "Our hearts are in research that improves cardiovascular health."


To become the premier program of biobehavioral cardiovascular research in the world


The RICH Heart Program at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing is dedicated to providing the ideal environment for preparing the next generation of top nurse scientists engaged in cardiovascular bio-behavioral nursing research.


The RICH Heart team consists of the following primary investigators and their areas of study: