SECAC - Academic Leadership Development Program


The Southeast Conference Academic Consortium Leadership Development Program (SECAC ALDP) was established in 2007 to prepare current and potential university leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century by:

  • Enriching their knowledge and understanding of the major issues and challenges facing higher education
  • Providing participants with an increased understanding of their strengths and talents as a leader in higher education
  • Stimulating critical thought about the future of the academy in general, and about flagship universities in particular
  • Building relationships within the University of Kentucky, among other potential academic leaders at universities within the Southeastern Conference, and with experienced leaders in higher education.

Program Goals

To identify, develop, prepare, and advance faculty as academic leaders in and for SEC universities.

  • Advance faculty and teach leadership skills
  • Provide qualified and skilled talent pool for deans, vice/associate provosts, provosts

Expectations of the Fellows

Fellows are expected to be fully engaged in the ALDP programs and are required to:

  • Participate in all program activities.
  • Attend two workshops at another Southeastern Conference University
    -Travel with the group whenever possible
    -Read the preparatory materials
    -Engage in the discussion groups
  • Participate in the local program as defined by the host institution
  • Serve as mentors to future ALDP Fellows

More Information

Selection Criteria and Application Materials    

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